House Cleaning Tips: The Do’s And Don’ts

House Cleaning Tips: The Do’s And Don’ts

By : Georgia
Maintaining house sanitation should be the #1 priority of homeowners and renters. However, most people don’t have the time to clean their homes routinely due to a demanding job, small children, pets or other personal/professional responsibilities. Without regular cleaning, your home looks messy and smells bad. It becomes a hot spot for illness-causing bacteria and viruses because most bacteria can double in 20 minutes, and viruses can survive on different surfaces for up to 3 days. If you are a tenant and your rental property is not reasonably clean during the final inspection, you cannot claim your bond money completely. Therefore, renters often hire professionals for vacate cleaning in Perth. You can do the same and move out of a rental property without dispute or hassle. However, to have a neat and sanitary home, you must always develop a cleaning schedule. Also, using the right products, tools and techniques are crucial for satisfactory results. Thus, here is your complete guide outlining expert tips for do’s and don’t of house cleaning. Have a look.

Never Use Harsh Cleaners to Save Time

To get quick results while cleaning, most people use harsh cleaning products and tools like ammonia, bleach, steel wool, scouring pads etc. However, repeated use of these chemicals and tools is detrimental to household surfaces. They lose their shine faster, and maintaining their shelf life becomes challenging. Therefore, like professional vacate cleaners in Perth, give normal cleaners proper dwell time, and you will get the same results without applying elbow grease.

Develop a House Cleaning Routine

Cleaning without a plan is a mistake that most people make, and they feel more stressed and anxious when overwhelmed. Therefore, creating house cleaning checklists is imperative to streamline your work. Even experienced cleaners expertly use checklists for house or vacate cleaning in Perth. Thus, take a page from their book and schedule your cleaning tasks to save time, energy and effort.

Follow the Six Steps of Cleaning & Disinfecting

Most people cannot correctly clean or disinfect their homes because they need to learn the secret to perform these activities adequately. If you want sparkling and germ-free surfaces in your home, perform the following steps.
  • Pre-clean by wiping or vacuuming surfaces to remove physical debris.
  • Main-clean by washing and scrubbing surfaces/fixtures.
  • Rinse the surfaces/fixtures to get rid of residues.
  • Apply disinfectant and let it dwell for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse again with warm water.
  • Dry the surface with a terry towel or microfiber cloth.

  • Don’t Let Spills Remain Unattended

    If you have the habit of procrastinating spills later, it’s time to let go of this habit. When spills have time to solidify, they become breeding grounds for germs that cause viral and bacterial infections. Additionally, these spills cause stubborn stains and require time and elbow grease to clean. Thus, treat stains and spots immediately after they happen or you see them. Fresh spills are easy to clean with mild cleaner, warm water and microfiber cloths.

    Ignoring High-Touch Points During House Cleaning

    A common house cleaning mistake people make is overlooking high-touch points. Since they are commonly used and touched multiple times a day, they have millions of germs and increase your risk of contracting diseases. Therefore, clean and disinfect the floors, countertops, door knobs, handles and other high-touch points. Identify these points before cleaning and disinfecting to save time and product.

    Keep a Cleaning Caddy

    If you don’t have a cleaning caddy, then create one to keep the necessary supplies on hand at all times. The caddy should have a multipurpose cleaning solution, microfiber cloths, a mop, brushes, scrubs and other supplies you will need to sanitise your home completely. Professional cleaners who offer vacate cleaning in Perth use personalised cleaning caddies to get their work done in time and get effective results.

    Spot Test Cleaners

    Conducting a spot test is essential if you are cleaning a new fixture or surface or using a new cleaner to clean household areas. Therefore, find an inconspicuous spot on the surface or fixture and use a small amount of product as per instruction. It is a professional trick vacate cleaners in Perth, and other experienced cleaners use it to avoid damage to household surfaces/fixtures. Note: Spot testing is crucial if you are using cleaners with ammonia, bleach, sodium hydroxide, and other harsh chemicals because they can discolour surfaces or, worse cause irreversible damage.

    The Bottom Line

    There are many things you can unknowingly do wrong while house cleaning or vacate cleaning in Perth. Therefore, it is best to seek professional help if you don’t have the expertise, experience or knowledge to manage cleaning tasks well. However, follow the house cleaning dos and don’ts mentioned above when performing routine cleaning without professional assistance.