Hiring Vacate Cleaners Perth: Complete Guide

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Hiring Vacate Cleaners Perth: Complete Guide

By : Georgia
The end of a lease agreement always invokes stress and anxiety in tenants, as there are several tasks to be completed within a stipulated time to vacate a property.

As a lessee, you have to ensure your belongings are packed and moved safely. But, the biggest challenge most people struggle with is cleaning the real estate adequately and return it in the same condition it was in at the time of occupancy to get a complete bond repayment. The bond amount in Western Australia is up to four weeks of rent if the weekly rent is $1200 or less, which is why it is usually a substantial investment for lessees.

It is best to hire professional vacate cleaners in Perth to increase your chances of getting the security deposit in full. However, booking the right professionals is crucial to ensure the task is completed without hassle. To help you, here is a complete guide outlining everything you need to know about hiring vacate cleaners.

Analyse Your Requirement

Before you start the search for good companies and choose a vacate cleaning service for your home, knowing your requirements is necessary. Since you have to return the rental property in the same condition it was in at the time of occupancy, ask your landlord what services professional cleaners were hired by them or the previous tenant and share a copy of the bill.

It will give you a fair idea of what is required for getting your bond back in full. For example, if the landlord or former occupant had the carpets steam cleaned, then you are obligated to do the same. Similarly, if pest control, blind cleaning, wall washing or other services were availed along with vacate cleaning services, then you should know.

Check Companies’ ASIC Registration Status

To know if a vacate cleaning company in Perth is reliable, check whether it is registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Such companies have to maintain a business name, have a registered office, maintain financial records and abide by the laws of the authority to provide services/goods credibly.

The chances of getting scammed or defrauded by unregistered or deregistered companies are higher, which is why you should always check ASIC registration status. Therefore, you need to be vigilant and proactive during the selection process.

Get Free Quotes

Most reputed vacate cleaning companies in Perth give free quotes for their services, using which you can get an estimate of costs and select the most affordable cleaners. These quotes are non-obligatory, meaning you are not required to avail the services after getting the quotations.

Contact the companies you have selected to learn what services they offer and at what costs. Quotes can be generated online or by calling the sales representatives of the cleaning organisations. After receiving the costs, it is easier to compare rates and perform negotiations as the reputed companies often provide their services at competitive prices.

Read Reviews Carefully

Reviews and feedback received by a company are excellent for understanding its service and customer care quality. They also help you know its market reputation and how satisfied the clients were after availing the organisation’s cleaning services.

Always consider vacate cleaners in Perth with majorly positive reviews and also those who can arrange for client feedback. However, be wary of comments posted to enhance a company’s reputation falsely. Always check credible reviewing websites to find genuine feedback and make an informed decision.

Inquire Qualifications Of Cleaners And Their Resources

Get clarity about the company’s cleaners by asking about their experience and certifications. They should have proper training, skills and expertise to manage basic and advanced cleaning tasks. In addition, they should have good communication and organisational abilities to understand your requirements and perform their tasks within a stipulated time.

You should also inquire about the professionals’ resources, such as the cleaning products, tools and equipment they use. Also, learn if the cleaners work in teams as it will give you an idea about their efficiency and how long they will take for completing end of lease cleaning at the rental property.

What Can You Expect?

When you hire professional vacate cleaners in Perth for end of lease cleaning, you can expect the following from them.

  • Dust, vacuum and deep clean bathroom, kitchen and living rooms
  • Clean windows, baseboards, doors, toilets, sinks, and other fixtures
  • Spot clean walls
  • Sanitise high points of contacts
  • Vacuum carpets thoroughly. If you have paid for additional steam cleaning or shampooing services, they will perform the necessary tasks.
  • Dust and clean outdoor areas
  • Sweep and mop the floors

If you want to get pest control, wall washing, upholstery cleaning or other additional services with vacate cleaning services inform the cleaning company while getting a quote and before booking.


Hiring professional vacate cleaners in Perth is a practical and smart solution for getting the rental property cleaned expertly without hassling or stressing yourself. They have the experience, expertise and equipment to sanitise and disinfect homes to help tenants get their bond back in full. Thus, follow the tips shared above for booking professional end of lease cleaners quickly and smoothly.