Green Cleaning Tips That Really Work

young woman disinfecting a kitchen surface

Green Cleaning Tips That Really Work

By : Georgia
Cleaning and sanitising are important everyday activities that should be performed routinely, as maintaining wellness in your home is crucial for being mentally happy and physically sound. Without regular sprucing, any house becomes a hub for germs and contaminants, causing household members to fall sick repeatedly.

Commonly, homeowners and tenants gravitate towards store-bought products for house cleaning because they are user-friendly and efficient. However, these products contain toxins that harm the environment and cause severe health problems in humans and animals. Therefore, going green when it comes to cleaning is imperative and the responsible thing to do.

Tenants at the end of a lease agreement should seriously consider using green products as bond cleaning requires the significant use of cleaners and disinfectants. Hiring professional vacate cleaners in Perth who use eco-friendly supplies and energy-efficient equipment is also a practical solution.

However, here is a complete guide outlining green cleaning tips that really work for everyday house cleaning. Have a look.

Use Household Items

Several items readily available in homes are excellent for cleaning and sanitising organically and naturally. Listed below are some things you can use for varied purposes.

  • White vinegar is a versatile ingredient that degreases, disinfects and sanitises
  • Baking soda is mildly abrasive and excellent for deodorising and cleaning
  • Lemons are great for removing stains, grime, and contaminants
  • Rubbing alcohol can degrease and disinfect almost any surface
  • Dishwashing liquid is suitable for washing and cleaning

Many green vacate cleaners in Perth use such non-toxic ingredients to sanitise homes in an eco-friendly manner.

Invest In Reliable Green Cleaners

Many commercial products are labelled green, but you need to choose them wisely because they contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). You should buy eco-friendly and non-toxic commercial cleaners but read the labels.

Get products from reliable brands known for manufacturing, packing, and supplying goods responsibly. To choose green products, make sure they have the following characteristics.

  • No ammonia, chlorine, phosphates and artificial colours
  • Bio-degradable packing and containers
  • Organic and natural ingredients

Make Multipurpose Cleaners At Home

Develop the habit of making cleaners at home using things already in your home. Here are some recipes you should try.

  • Mix water and white vinegar in equal proportions in a spray bottle or container. Add one or two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid and a few drops of an antimicrobial essential oil.
  • Make an all-purpose cleaning paste with baking soda, dishwashing liquid and water. You can use it to clean countertops, glass surfaces, mirrors, tiles, ceramics and much more.

Invest In A Steam Cleaner

Steam is excellent for removing grime, grease, gunk and oily stains from any surface or fixture. Plus, its temperature can reach over 300 degree Celsius which instantly kills bacterial, viruses, mould and other illness causing pathogens. Moreover, steam cleaning reduces the usage of chemicals and products that harm your health and the environment.

Make sure you invest in a steam cleaner that comes with different attachments that make it easy to clean the kitchen, bathroom and living room surfaces and objects.

Get Microfiber Products

Microfiber material has an asterisk design makes it antimicrobial and excellent at capturing dust, dirt, debris and contaminants. By using microfiber products, you can wet or dry clean household surface and fixtures.

What’s more, these products are washable, long-lasting and significantly decrease the need for commercial cleaners. To sanitise your home daily, you should have the following supplies.

  • Duster
  • Mop
  • Cloths and wipes
  • Towels
  • Sweepers
  • Gloves, mittens and sticks

Professional vacate cleaners in Perth often use microfiber cleaning products because they are user-friendly, green and efficient. Having them in your kit would be practical and enable you to clean at any time.

Use Olive Oil For Sanitising, Polishing & Shining

Instead of chemical polishes and shiners, use olive oil to make your dull stainless steel and wood surfaces, fixtures and objects. You can add white vinegar, olive oil and water to sanitise and shine wooden floors without dulling them.

One part olive oil with two parts white vinegar is excellent for removing stains and maintaining the appearance of leather upholsteries and stainless steel fixtures or appliances.

Use Soap Nuts

To wash and clean utensils, clothes, household surfaces or almost anything in your home, you can use soap nuts. One of the easiest ways to use them for washing or cleaning is to make a concentrate by boiling 8-10 nuts in a litre of water and reducing it by half. Make sure you put the nuts in a gunny bag, as you can later use them to wash laundry just by dropping the bag in the machine.

You can use the natural and organic concentrate as a dishwasher, body wash, shampoo and or general cleaner for sanitising surfaces and objects.

The Bottom Line

Going green when it comes to cleaning and maintaining household hygiene is crucial for reducing the dependence on chemical products. If you are at the end of your tenancy, consider hiring green vacate cleaners in Perth since the activity requires significant use of cleaners.

In addition, you can follow the tips mentioned above to deep clean and sanitise your home every day without worrying about harming the environment or compromising your well-being.