Does Vacate Clean Include Oven And Windows

Does Vacate Clean Include Oven And Windows

By : Georgia
Are you at the end of your lease and need to deep-clean your home before you move out? Vacate cleaning is important at the end of a tenancy to ensure you pass your landlord’s inspection and get your bond back. Your rental bond is the amount you paid at the beginning of your tenancy as a security deposit to maintain the home. In Perth, this security deposit amount cannot be more than four weeks’ worth of rent, and you have to lodge your bond online and get a receipt. Thus, to ensure you get this bond back, it is best to hire vacate cleaning Perth services, who are experts in scrubbing and wiping all corners of your home. This vacate cleaning by professionals will cover areas like your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and patio and include areas like your windows and ovens. If you want to know more about how this process works and what it includes, read on below: 

What Is Vacate Cleaning?

Vacate cleaning is an intensive scrubbing and washing of each corner and crevice of your home at the end of your tenancy. This ensures that the rental space matches your property condition report and has no damages and dirt. Your landlord will conduct an intensive survey and inspection of your home to check each room, including your garage and patio, as well as all fixtures and appliances. If your vacate cleaning matches your landlord’s expectations and you have cleared all your dues, you will get your rental bond back in full. Therefore, it is advisable to book vacate cleaning professionals in Perth to deep-clean your home as they know what your landlord expects and follow a certified pre-approved checklist to clean all areas of your home, including your oven and windows. Tip: Here are some cleaning tips to pass your landlord’s inspection.

What Does A Vacate Cleaning Of Your Ovens Include?

A vacate cleaning by professionals generally includes a deep cleaning of your oven, but it is a good idea to confirm the same before hiring these experts. Here are some ways your expert vacate cleaning in Perth deep-clean your oven at the end of your tenancy: Remove And Wash The Oven Racks First, your vacate cleaners will remove the oven racks and place them in a sink filled with hot water and ½ cup of dish soap. After soaking these racks in this sink for about an hour, these experts will then use a microfiber sponge to scrub and remove dirt and grime from your racks. Tip: Here are some tips on how to scrub your oven racks naturally. Use White Vinegar To Loosen Food Debris While your oven racks dry, your professional cleaners will then deep-clean the insides of your oven. If you are doing a DIY vacate cleaning of your oven, it is best to use white vinegar, as its acetic acid will loosen tough food debris and stains. First, fill a bowl with white vinegar and heat it in your oven for a minute. After this, you should use a microfiber cloth to scrub out all the greasy and oily residues and food crumbs. Apply Baking Soda To The Oven Door And Handles Next, professional cleaners will apply 2 cups of baking soda and one cup of water to your oven door and handles. After leaving this for ten minutes, these experts will then use a microfiber cloth to wipe the grease off these areas. Lastly, they will buff these surfaces with a clean microfiber cloth to get that sparkling finish.  Additional Tips For Your Oven 
  • Make sure your oven is turned off before you start cleaning it.
  • Do not use bleach or harmful chemicals, as this can leave a toxic residue in your home.
  • Never mix baking soda and vinegar, as it can create a foam that is difficult to remove.

What Does A Vacate Cleaning Of Your Windows Include?

Besides your oven, vacate cleaners in Perth will also deep-clean your windows and screens to eliminate streaks, dirt and pest droppings. You can also do a DIY end-of-lease cleaning of your windows using the following steps: Gather Your Cleaning Tools The first thing you should do is to arrange the right tools for vacate cleaning your windows, such as:
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Cornstarch
  • Paintbrush
  • Toothbrush
  • Squeegee
Wipe Loose Dust Off Your Windows With A Microfiber Cloth Your windows can accumulate a lot of dust, dirt and allergens over time that can ruin the aesthetic appeal of your windows. To clean this properly, you should use a microfiber cloth to wipe off loose dust. You must move from top to bottom in an S shape and clean your window screens to ensure no dust falls again on your windows. Tip: Use these tips to wipe your window blinds effectively. Sprinkle Cornstarch On Your Windows To Brighten Them Once you have removed loose dust, sprinkle cornstarch over your windows and leave it for 15-20 minutes. This will help brighten your windows, remove streaks and stains, and keep them glossy. Finish up by wiping the cornstarch off with a squeegee from left to right that will ensure no dirt particles or streaks are left on your windows.  Pay Attention to Window Tracks, Frames and Sills The cleaning process includes the removal of accumulated dust, dirt, cobwebs and debris from window frames and sills. Professional cleaners meticulously spruce up these areas using proper tools and products. By cleaning frames, sills and tracks, you can enhance your windows’ overall look and feel- making them look inviting and maintained. Plus, these areas help boost the functionality of windows by ensuring they open and close smoothly. That’s why sills, frames and tracks are included in the process. You can remove dust from sills using a hand-handled vacuum machine. Use vinegar solution and an old toothbrush for stubborn stains to achieve sparkling results. Some Additional Tips For Your Windows 
  • If you use a ladder to clean your exterior windows, always rest it on a stable surface to prevent injuries.
  • Use a paintbrush to remove dirt particles from window sills.
  • You should also clean the crevices of your windows with a toothbrush. 


Thus, it is important to deep-clean your oven and windows and remove dirt and grime to get your bond back in full. Besides these areas, you must also scrub and wipe your kitchen sink, drain, toilet bowl, bathtub, light fixtures, pathways, shelves, cupboards and more during your vacate cleaning to pass your landlord’s inspection.