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Commercial Cleaning Tips: Best Ways to organise your Kitchen Pantry

Commercial Cleaning Tips: Best Ways to organise your Kitchen Pantry
  • admin
  • Aug 10 2017
Managing the pantry of an office is something that needs smart and effective organising ideas. No matter whether your office space is big or small, cleaning and maintenance tasks need to be done professionally, especially the kitchen area where lots of germs breed quickly.

If you want to clean and organise your kitchen pantry, you can try the following tips that can add extra space to your kitchen and make it look neat and clean.

Use glass jars for dry snacks

Our new office situated in the heart of Perth has all the amenities that can give a leisure feeling to all our employees. We keep everything in a well-organised way in order to keep the working environment healthy and energetic.

When it comes to the pantry, We use glass jars to keep all the dry ingredients such as sugar, tea bags, and other snacks.  You can also try something like this to de-clutter your office kitchen pantry.

Segment the space

g for those who are planning to extend their office pantry. You can create zones for different types of foods. For an example, you can place baking products at one place and snacks on the other to organise the things with ease.

Take care of disposal utensils

Don't forget to organise all the disposable glasses, plates, and cups in a decent way. In office, employees usually use disposals, so make sure you put them in a proper way, otherwise, it will make your office kitchen look messy.

Use containers

Finding spacious commercial spaces in Perth is not an easy thing. You need to pay lots of bucks to reap the benefits of a huge office. However, you can manage the space in your pantry by using containers.

You can store bulk items in containers to free up some space. Try to use square size containers as they are more space-efficient. You can store them on the shelves or even inside the cupboards.

Label them

There is no use of keeping the things in containers until you label them. To save both time and efforts, you can label all your containers and glass jars so that your employees can easily get what they wanted in seconds.

Give it a professional clean

Yes, you should give your kitchen, in fact, an entire office a deep clean in every 7 to 8 months. This will ensure healthy and hygienic working environment, which in turn, boost the productivity of your employees.

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