Cleaning And Organising Tips For Small Spaces

Cleaning And Organising Tips For Small Spaces

By : Georgia
House cleaning is one of the most important tasks you must perform to have a healthy home. However, when your house or apartment is small, maintain cleanliness or tidiness can get challenging. Due to lack of space and cramped areas, you can overlook dust, dirt and clutter in nooks and crannies. This oversight not only affects your health but also increases risk of injuries such as falls, bruises, cuts, scapes etc. If you are a renter, overlooking cleaning of small spaces in your rental property can cost you the bond money. Therefore, hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Perth is a wise and practical solution at the end of a tenancy. However, to keep small spaces neat and organised routinely, you must take the following measures daily. Have a look.

Remove Trash Daily & Declutter Weekly

Paper clutter, wrappers, leftover food bits and other types of trash can make your home look unkempt and also create bad odours. Therefore, develop the habit of collecting trash and removing it daily. In addition, adopt a minimalistic lifestyle by declutter your home every week. Get rid of broke, old and unwanted items routinely to maintain space, organisation and sanitation in your home. As a rule of thumb, discard, donate or resell things you don’t need per their condition. Don’t keep things you haven’t used for over six months or don’t use at least once a year.

Invest in Smart Cleaning Tools & Equipment

Cleaning under furniture, behind large appliances, cramped spots and other hard to reach areas is stressful and challenging. To solve is issue and clean efficiently, keep smart cleaning tools on hand. Invest in a high-performance vacuum cleaner with multiple attachment to reach every nook and cranny of your home. Additionally, get scrubbers, duster, mops, wipers and other tools with adjustable and telescopic handles. Keep brushes and sponges of different sizes to remove dust, dirt and grime from hard-to-reach spots.

Keep Things Parallel & Perpendicular (P&P) While Organising

Keep the following hacks in mind and organise your small space:
  • Arrange large furniture and other items parallel and perpendicular to the walls
  • Position cabinets, shelves, and drawers in a grid pattern. This will maximise indoor space and keep things aligned.
  • You can hand artwork and picture frames in a straight line, parallel to the floor or perpendicular to other stuff in the room. This also promotes a sense of order and balance to the home.
  • Arrange books, files and folders vertically on shelves. It gives a visually-appealing and clean look.
Use trays and dividers insider drawers to keep items organised and categorised in a clean grid-like pattern.

Install Vertical Storage

Compromising the space your small house or apartment for storage on floors or flat surfaces is not a good idea. It can lead to falls, fractures and other serious injuries. Therefore, get vertical storage units installed on walls to utilise the space and prevent clutter in your home. You can get shelves, hanging plastic pouches, stackable plastic boxes and more for vertical storage in your kitchen, bathroom and living rooms.

Adopt the S-Pattern When Wiping

People frequently don’t know how to wipe small surfaces properly when cleaning or disinfecting. Everyone typically wipes in a circular motion, which is ineffective because it allows dirt and germs to travel from one surface to another. The S-pattern should be used in order to prevent recontamination of a cleansed area. Adopt the strategy utilised by vacate cleaning Perth professionals to get the finest outcomes. Start wiping horizontal surfaces from the furthest point, making little s-shaped motions towards you, then start wiping vertical surfaces from the top down.

Wrap Microfiber Cloths around Tongs

Even with the little crevice tool attachment of your vacuum cleaner, cleaning the tracks, frames and blinds of your home’s windows and doors can be difficult. To remove moisture, grime, and dust from these regions, try wrapping tongs in thin microfiber towels. Professional end of lease cleaners in Perth frequently use microfiber cloths since they are anti-microbial and better capture impurities than cotton rags. This method helps solve window cleaning problems quickly.

Use Toothbrushes For Cleaning

You need a small enough cleaning tool to get rid of gunk from grout lines, corners, toilets, faucets, etc. Scrub the nooks, crevices, and bends of surfaces and fixtures in your home using an old toothbrush. To make it simpler to stab brushes into tight spaces and clean them, use ones with bendable necks and thin heads.

Get Microfiber Duster Sticks

Use microfiber cleaning sticks made for dusting and eliminating grime to get rid of dust, filth, and debris from carved surfaces, baseboards, grills, and numerous other places. Sanitise without fuss or concern by using the sticks dry or wet with cleaning agents. Even professional end-of-tenancy cleaners in Perth employ microfiber cleaning supplies to effectively and efficiently tidy up buildings.

Clean As You Go

This is one of the best cleaning tips for smaller spaces or studio apartments, where mess can quickly become challenging. It is good to wipe down surfaces immediately if you see any spill or splatter. Make sure you put away dishes after every meal, pick up items left lying on the floor and much more. Taking care of small things can help you maintain a clean, organised and germ-free environment for your home.

Wrapping Up

Small scapes are harder to clean and maintain since they can get cluttered and messy quickly. You can hire professionals to declutter, organise or clean your home all year round. However, use the cleaning and organising tips shared above to keep your house or apartment presentable and hygienic without hassle.