Best Tool On Amazon For Cleaning Ceiling Fans

sprucing up a ceiling fan with special tool

Best Tool On Amazon For Cleaning Ceiling Fans

By : Georgia

Dusting is a crucial step when it comes to sprucing up an entire house. With the right set of tools, you can get rid of accumulated dust, dirt, pollens, allergens, dead skin cells and grime from almost all surfaces. A dust-free home promotes a healthy and hygienic indoor environment, which is good for your family’s well being.

It is good to cover every nook and cranny, including your ceiling fans, because they are the most neglected areas when you clean an abode. Accumulated dust on your fans can pollute the indoor air, which leads to various diseases, including respiratory disorders, asthma, etc.

Most people skip cleaning ceiling fans because reaching the blades is one of the difficult things. For that, you need proper cleaning supplies and techniques. At the end of your tenancy, consider hiring trained people for a thorough vacate cleaning in Perth. Professionals have experience in cleaning hard-to-reach spots with perfection.

For a DIY ceiling fan cleaning, have a look at the list of the following tools available on Amazon. It will certainly simplify the process and help you achieve the best possible outcomes.

1. MR. SIGA Microfiber Telescopic Duster

This cleaning tool comes with an adjustable duster head and works wonders in fetching dust from ceiling fans. It can help you hold a thick layer of dust from the blades in no time.

The duster features an extendable pole that reaches up to 37.4 inches- this means cleaning fans, ceiling walls, and cabinet tops becomes super easy. It is a great tool for dusting window blinds too.

You will also get the flexibility as the microfiber head can rotate for 270 degrees and can easily be locked in multiple angles for better sprucing. This particular tool is designed for a quick, comfortable and professional cleaning.

The best part is that you can buy MR. SIGA Microfiber Telescopic Duster from Amazon at a reasonable price.

2. Estilo Removable Microfiber Ceiling Fan Duster

Keeping the ceiling fan dust-free is not an easy thing. You can buy this cleaning tool to prevent the dust from falling on the upholstery, carpet and floor. It is a removable and washable microfiber duster that can help you clean hard-to-reach places without using ladders.

It has an extendable handle ranging from 27 to 47 inches. A brush can easily fit the 6-inch wide blades to fetch the dust particles. On the other hand, microfibers lock the dust and help minimise allergens.

3. Flexible Fan Duster

It is a bendable cleaning tool that allows you to clean the ceiling fan’s blades with ease. With this long and flexible tool, you can cover high-to-reach areas, such as fans, cupboard tops, blinds, shelves, light fixtures and tight spaces in your home.

Do not forget to book professional vacate cleaners in Perth if you are prepping the rented apartment for the final inspection. They leave no signs of dust and dirt behind to give you quality cleaning.  Professionals will use all the necessary tools to prevent dust from accumulating in the house.

4. Set of Microfiber Cleaning Dusters

From cobwebs to dust particles, allergens to pollens, you can do everything using microfiber cleaning dusters. All the dusters are made of high-quality microfiber and stainless steel rods to help you achieve clean ceiling fans without any support.

The package comes with a 100-inch telescopic rod, two flat brush cloths, and a bendable microfiber dust head.

You can buy Dusters for Cleaning Microfiber Duster with an Extendable Pole from Amazon and reach the corners of your house, including ceiling fans and walls.

5. BioStrike Ceiling Fan Air Filter

This product includes one filter pack, and each pack contains 2 filters. All you need to do is to attach the air filters to the top of your fan’s blade and say goodbye to dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, allergens and other tiny particles that circulate in the air when you switch on the ceiling fan.

Make sure you remove the protective tape and attach it to the opposite blades of your fan. It should be 3-5 inches away from the motor to get the most out of it.

6. Microfiber Cloths

It is good to buy microfiber cloths that are super absorbent, durable and eco-friendly. With this, you can trap and lock in dust particles from your ceiling fans, walls, light fixtures, fittings, shelves, windows, blinds, floors, kitchen appliances, and other hard surfaces in no time.

This cloth lets you quickly clean surfaces without a hint of stress. Make sure you start from the top and make your way down towards windows, blinds and floors.


These are some of the best tools on Amazon that can help you remove dust particles, dirt, grime, pollens and allergens from your ceiling fans without using any ladder. You can buy the most suitable tool depending on your specific needs and help you improve indoor air quality. You can also hire professionals for an affordable vacate cleaning in Perth and get your full bond back.