What is the Best method to Clean Oven Windows and Grills?

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What is the Best method to Clean Oven Windows and Grills?

By : Georgia
Whether you are baking a cake or cooking daily veggies, you cannot prevent oven splatters. These spills cause oven windows to collect food built up over time. Ovens get grimy very often from things like splashed food, oil, grease, etc. And after being baked on at 350 degrees+ it becomes almost impossible to remove the scum. The oven grills too become very greasy with time, and it becomes next to impossible to clean them. A dirty oven doesn’t look good and is unhygienic to use. However, oven cleaning is not something which anyone can do easily. If you can’t stand the grubby oven anymore and don’t know how to do it, then ask experts. Take assistance of professional cleaners for oven cleaning in Perth. They have well-experimented methods to clean the oven. However, you want to clean the oven yourself, the information in this article can give you some useful tips:

A quick and efficient method

First, allow the oven to be cool completely. You don’t want to get burnt while cleaning your oven. Therefore, the best time to clean your oven is when you don’t use it or you or your family doesn’t eat. Early in the morning is a good option here. Use hands to remove any large particles of food or burnt residue. Before getting started with the cleaning solution, it’s better to remove what you can. This will reduce the workload for the oven cleaner. Spray the oven cleaning solution. Read the instructions carefully and follow them. Spray it on the windows and grills. Be careful and don’t spray on to the back of the oven. Check in the instruction for how long the solution has to be kept. Do not prolong the time as the chemicals can react also. Some cleaning solutions need to be left to sit for some time while with some you can work straight away. Get adequate information on harmful chemicals and avoid using them. Pick a clean and dry cloth and buff the glass gently. This will help in removing any smudges which will make it crystal clear. Making the front glass crystal clear is important as it will help in peeking through to see whether your food needs another few minutes. Use scraping to remove the stubborn residues. Some stubborn marks are very tricky to remove. Hence use scraping in removing these stains; else they will not get off easily. Do not fear the body of the oven as doing it with a gentle hand won’t affect it.

Clean the grills

To clean the grills, you can use an old or unused toothbrush dipped in hot water. Start working on the racks, windows and glass door, removing particles. Use a soggy sponge after that to take out any remaining marks of dirt, stain, residues, and cleaning solution.

Baking soda scrub

Baking soda is one natural cleaning agent. Baking soda is the first option when it comes to cleaning. Just like home cleaning, it is beneficial for oven cleaning as well. Look at the following solution to get a better result: You can create a baking soda scrub. Make a solution, 3 to 1 water to baking soda, mix it well in a bowl and let it dissolve completely and becomes a paste. Spread this mixture on the glass of your oven. Let it sit for around 15 to 20 minutes. It will help in loosening of the stuck on grime on the oven glass and windows. After some time, it will soften all the dirt stuck on the glass. Use a sponge to rub it. Rub it to loosen the stuck on food as much as possible. After the residue is cleared, use clean water to rinse it off. Don’t forget to dry the glass and windows with a clean cloth. Use a damp sponge, in the end, to remove any remaining baking soda on the oven glass and doors. Let those areas dry out.

Remove streaking

Even if you clean the oven using solutions, it’s essential to remove the streaking as well. Use a commercial window and glass cleaner to remove streaking from the oven. After cleaning it, wipe the glass as the final step. It will get dry instantly, and your oven will appear sparkling and bright again.

Routine maintenance

You don’t want to start oven cleaning every alternative day. For that, you need to maintain a routine of cleaning your oven. Clean your oven glass and windows weekly. Make it a part of your weekly cleaning routine. Use the regular baking soda mix to clean the glass. Wipe up bad splatter immediately Also, if you see any splatters in your oven, try to clean it right away as soon as the oven is cooled down. This will help in not getting the residue thick on it by baking again and again. And this will make the cleaning process less tiring.

Best products to use

Using a market cleaner for the oven will help in achieving great results. But the homemade solution is the better alternative and give good results as well. With commercial cleaners, you have to be careful as they have harsh chemicals in it. You will have to keep them away from your kids and pets. Using homemade solution is a good option as there is no bad smell when using it. It is also is safer for the family and reduces risks of a headache from working in a stinking environment.
Oven cleaning is frustrating. Even if you attempt to do it on your own, it looks unclean always. There are many different methods to use. But no matter what solutions you are using always follow the safety instructions carefully. Using the right technique will give you a new sparkling clean oven in no time. But if you don’t want to take the unnecessary pain you must seek professionals for it. Bond Cleaning in Perth is the best company for oven cleaning. They do not use harsh chemicals and have eco-friendly cleaning techniques. They will clean your oven and make it fresh and hygienic again.