Best Kitchen Trends For 2023 That Will Transform Your Home

Best Kitchen Trends For 2023 That Will Transform Your Home

By : Georgia
Besides being a functional area where you prepare and cook meals, your kitchen has become a stylish and aesthetic part of your home. With bold colour patterns to stylish and aesthetic windows, smart-storage options, contrasting materials and more handmade and artisanal designs trending in 2023, kitchen designs are undergoing a remodel. You will also see a shift towards using more eco-friendly and sustainable materials to build and renovate kitchens. If you are also looking to remodel or design your kitchen, here are some of the best trends for 2023 that will completely transform your home:  Top Kitchen Trends For 2023 

Double Kitchen Islands And Functional Areas

One of the biggest trends in 2023 is the shift towards multiple islands that will double up the space in your kitchen. You can use one kitchen island for cooking and preparing dishes while the other island can serve as an area where family and friends can sit, talk, and eat. These double kitchen islands can also make your home more efficient as more people can help and use these spaces to prep and cook dishes. Besides the kitchen islands, there has also been a shift towards double sinks in the kitchen and more prepping spaces to add to the efficiency. Tip: Here is a kitchen cleaning checklist to keep these areas hygienic and germ-free.

Coloured And Trendy Backsplashes

It is now time to take note of that hidden area behind your countertop and stove, which is your backsplash. You can now start using bold and patterned designs to add a splash of colour to these areas and make them more visible and clean. You can use more aesthetic designs or boldly contrast them with the cabinets to give them a trendy look. It is also important to deep-clean these areas occasionally to remove stubborn grease and oil stains or hire expert vacate cleaning in Perth to do so.

Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Kitchen Materials

Using more sustainable and eco-friendly kitchen materials is one of the biggest kitchen trends in 2023 that will completely transform your home. In this trend, you will use more natural and organic products and tools in this kitchen and opt to build or redesign your kitchen with sustainable materials. For instance, you should use more recycled plastics, energy-efficient lighting, biodegradable waste materials and eco-friendly materials like carbon-neutral workshops that will protect the ecosystem.

Hidden And Stowed Away Kitchen Storage Areas

One of the best ways to keep your kitchen looking neat is to use more hidden and stowed-away storage areas in 2023. These designs ensure that you can store all your items safely until you have to use them, and it does not create clutter on your countertops. For instance, you can create a breakfast storage area to keep your toaster, coffee maker and utensils and return them immediately after use. Most of these hidden units also have multiple tiers and layers that can store multiple kitchen items. Tip: Bond cleaners in Perth recommend that you clean and organise this area at least once a week to prevent it from getting dirty and messy.

More Power Outlets Below Cabinets

You can install power outlets and switchboards below the cabinet drawers to keep the kitchen countertops cleaner and clutter-free. This will keep your countertops and backsplashes free from cluttered and tangled wires and give them a more open and airy look.

Open Windows And Bright Spacious Lighting

Another major trend rising in 2023 is using open windows and bright, spacious lighting to give your kitchen a more vibrant and positive look. You can use more open spaces, reflective materials, huge windows and light-hued colours to make your kitchen look radiant.

Natural-Hued Stone Or Marble Countertops

Besides spacious and open trends, you can use more neutral and light-toned hues for your kitchen countertops. This will especially contrast well with dark and bold colours in your kitchen and create a warm and soft hue. You can use more veined stone patterns or white marble designs that give your kitchen a more inviting look. Tip: Bond cleaners in Perth recommend you use more organic cleaning solutions for your marble countertops as harsh chemicals can damage and etch the material.

Mixture Of Wood, Stone And Ceramic Materials

Lastly, one of the biggest kitchen trends in 2023 that will completely transform your kitchen is using a mixture of wood, stone and ceramic materials. Instead of just using wood-panelled ceilings, you can contrast this with ceramic tiles and stone countertops. This will create a collective blend that will make your kitchen look stylish and sophisticated. Tip: Besides using these trendy designs, it is important to use these tips for a clean and organised kitchen. 

Install Sensor Faucets

It is also known as touch-activated faucets and has become an integral part of modern kitchens these days. These innovative fixtures can detect motion or a gentle touch, letting people turn the water on and off without actually touching the tap handle. This hands-free functionality looks stylish and promotes a healthy and hygienic environment. It is highly beneficial when hands are dirty. Put your hands underneath the faucet, and you can wash your hands without spreading dirt or germs from one place to another. Isn’t it amazing? The best part of sensor-based faucets is that they can help you reduce water wastage by controlling the flow. You can use it whenever required and save water.


The above kitchen trends 2023 will help you transform your space and give it a more organic, eco-friendly, stylish, spacious and clutter-free look. These trends will not only keep your kitchen functional and aesthetic but will also enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase its value.