Bedroom Allergies? 7 Helpful Tips To Prevent Them!

Bedroom Allergies? 7 Helpful Tips To Prevent Them!

By : Georgia
Do you know millions of dust mites, bacteria, and dust particles reside in your bedroom surfaces? They cover every inch of your bedding, carpets, upholstery, curtains and other fixtures. If you don’t vacuum and clean your bedroom routinely, these allergens can make your bedroom a dreaded place rather than a haven. If your bedroom is ridden with allergens, they can aggravate asthma, allergic rhinitis, and chronic respiratory diseases. Thus, if you get watery/red eyes, severe sneezing, shortness of breath and sleepless nights due to bedroom allergies, it is time to focus on bedroom cleaning. You can hire professionals for deep house cleaning or bond cleaning in Perth if you don’t know how to clean your bedroom & get rid of allergens. However, to truly have an allergy-proof bedroom, you must sanitise the room all year round. Thus, here are seven helpful tips to prevent bedroom allergies. 

Spot-Dust Bedroom Surfaces

Every room has certain surfaces and fixtures that gather more dust, dirt and allergens than others. You must identify the ones in your bedroom to spot dust daily especially if you are an allergy sufferer. Here’s a list for reference which you can modify according to your bedroom.
  • Windows and doors, including their tracks and frames
  • Side tables, bookshelves dressing tables
  • Tops of bed boards and smaller wardrobes
  • Lamps and side table clocks

Vacuum The Bedroom Everyday

Vacuuming the bedroom is an important task and should be a part of your daily house-cleaning routine. Make sure to use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters to ensure it can filter dust particles, bacteria and other microscopic allergens. It will improve the indoor air quality of your bedroom and reduce allergens in your bedroom. While vacuuming, pay extra attention to the bedboard, curtains, carpets and bedding. Move top to bottom, which is a professional technique bond cleaners in Perth use to get the best results while vacuuming. Note: Always vacuum after dusting, as you can pick up any loose debris or contaminants that feel on bedroom surfaces during dusting.

Wash Beddings Weekly

The bedsheet and pillow covers absorb sweat and gather dead skin on which dust mites like to feast. Additionally, your bedding accumulates dust, dirt and microscopic debris that irritate your nasal passages, eyes, and lungs. Thus, change and wash your bedding weekly to keep allergens in your bedroom at bay. While washing bedding, turn on the hot water and use a mildly scented detergent. If you want to go natural, make a soap nut concentrate by boiling 10-15 soap nuts in 1 litre of water until it reduces to half its volume. Also, add a scoop of baking soda to remove bad odour.

Keep the Indoor Air Clean

Besides vacuuming and spot-dusting daily, here are some measures to keep your bedroom’s air quality good.
  • Maintain the room ambience to reduce bacteria, dust mites, and mould spores. In summer season, keep the temperature below 25℃.
  • Also, use a humidifier to keep room humidity between 30% to 50% during drier weather.
  • If the weather is hot and humid, use the AC and a dehumidifier to maintain coolness and humidity.
  • Inspect the carpets for signs of mould or mildew. Often before mould spots appear, a musty smell can waft from carpeting. It is a tell-tale sign, and you must keep an eye out.
  • Never leave dirty, sweaty and moist laundry in the bedroom.
  • Don’t wear outdoor footwear in the bedroom.

Clear The Air Vents

Dirty air vents can blast your bedroom with dust, mould spores and other allergens. If your bedroom surfaces remain dusty even after routine cleaning, it is a sign your air vents are dirty. If you lack the time or knowledge to sanitise them, get them professionally cleaned. You can also use a vacuum cleaner, telescopic duster and microfiber cloths to clean the grates and vent openings.

Routinely Get Comforters & Blankets Dry Cleaned

Cleaning heavy comforters and blankets is challenging in a house washer and dryer. Therefore, give them to dry cleaners every few months to get them cleaned and sanitised. Dry cleaning pullovers is a better option than DIY washing because they will bust absorbed dust, dirt and debris as a solvent is used for cleaning. Moreover, your comforters and blankets are tossed around during the clean, preventing snags, holes, rips or discolouration.

Hire Professionals for Weekly House Cleaning

Most people don’t take professional help, thinking it’s costly. However, it can be economical if you get your house cleaned by professionals every week. This frequency is apt to give you a fresh start each week and make it easier to maintain the sanitation of your bedroom and the whole house. While booking professional house cleaners in Perth, you can ask them to focus more on your bedroom and use green cleaners that don’t aggravate allergies.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your bedroom clean is necessary to prevent allergy-flare up if you suffer from asthma, hay fever or other serious respiratory conditions. Thus, use the seven tips above to prevent bedroom allergies. Additionally, don’t hesitate to take professional help to maintain your bedroom’s hygiene and stay healthy.