Advantages Of Hiring Vacate Cleaners In Perth

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Advantages Of Hiring Vacate Cleaners In Perth

By : Georgia
Vacating a rental property is cumbersome and stressful for most tenants, as they have to manage a myriad of tasks simultaneously. Among these tasks, vacate cleaning is an important one and without it, you cannot get 100% bond back. In Perth, the bond amount can be four times the rent when the weekly rent is $1200 or less. If the weekly rent is higher than $1200, there is no maximum rental bond. Thus, you can lose significant money depending on your tenancy if the rental property is not reasonably clean for the exit condition inspection. While you can perform a bond clean in most instances, booking a professional service for vacate cleaning in Perth is the best solution. Listed below are the advantages of hiring vacate cleaners to manage the end of lease clean. Have a look.

No Expenditure On Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning products, tools and equipment are usually expensive and for deep cleaning your rental property, you will need quality supplies. When you hire professional vacate cleaners, they bring everything necessary for sanitising different household surfaces and areas. Thus, you save money that you otherwise would need for buying cleaners/disinfectants, brushes, sponges, spray bottles etc. High-performance machines like vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, steam cleaners, pressure washers, and others cost a lot but are necessary during lease cleaning. If you take the assistance of professionals, you don’t have to buy or rent them.

Higher Odds For Complete Bond Repayment

You need to return the rental property in the same condition it was in at the start of tenancy except for fair wear and tear to get the bond back in full. Since professional vacate cleaners in Perth follow an end of lease cleaning checklist, use quality supplies and have the expertise, they can sanitise houses adequately. Thus, your chances of getting a complete bond repayment are high when taking the assistance of professionals. If the landlord or previous lessee had the property cleaned by professionals, you are obligated to do the same for getting a full refund. Otherwise, the odds are not in your favour as cleaning like a professional and getting optimum results is difficult without training and skills.

Less Liability Risk

Most reputed cleaning companies ensure their cleaners have good medical and health insurance, as there is always the risk of falling, tripping or sustaining other injuries while performing various tasks. In case the professionals hired by you get injured on the job, you don’t have to pay for their treatment, and their insurance should cover the costs. Thus, the liability risk is low for people who hire insured and reliable vacate cleaners in Perth to ready their rental property for the final inspection.

Get Multiple Cleaning Solutions Together

Professional vacate cleaners have the training, experience, skills and resources to conduct different cleaning tasks to help you get your bond back after vacating a house/unit. Thus, you can get additional services like carpet cleaning, window/blinds cleaning, oven/BBQ cleaning, pressure washing and many others, along with the end of lease cleaning service. Before booking the professionals, make sure your requirement is clear, and you ask what solutions they provide to avail of the necessary services.

Less Stress & Hassle

The end of the tenancy period is overwhelming and difficult for every tenant, as you have to ensure the property is adequately clean before the exit inspection. You can experience excessive stress and pressure during this time and to reduce you, taking the assistance of professional vacate cleaners in Perth is a wise and practical solution. After moving out of the rental property, the cleaners will come and sanitise every nook and cranny, ensuring everything goes smoothly during the inspection. Thus, you can vacate a house or unit after the lease agreement ends without stress or hassle.

Save Time & Energy

End of lease cleaning is different from regular house cleaning, as it requires focus, usage of the proper techniques, experience and quality cleaning supplies. Professionals vacate cleaners have the knowledge and resources to manage the task within a few hours. But, if you choose to perform end of lease cleaning yourself, it can take days and leave you exhausted. Therefore, you must hire a professional vacate cleaning service to save time, energy and effort that you can dedicate to other tasks you need to complete for moving out of the rental property successfully.


You need to ensure the bond clean goes smoothly to get your bond back in full and end a lease agreement without hassle. Hiring professional vacate cleaners in Perth is the best solution for ensuring the rental property is ready for exit inspection by the landlord or property owners. The above advantages make it worth seeking professional help when you are burdened and pressured at the end of your tenancy.