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A Checklist For Deep Cleaning Your House

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A Checklist For Deep Cleaning Your House
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  • Aug 20 2019
For most people end of lease cleaning is a daunting task that involves a lot of effort, dealing with stubborn dirt and hoping to get back the security deposit. However, Perth-based professional cleaners feel that it doesn’t have to be that way if you start cleaning in advance and do a little bit every day.

To deep clean your house appropriately, you need a cleaning checklist to make sure you haven’t left anything. If you opt for professional end of lease cleaning in Perth, you will find that the cleaners also follow a checklist.

So take one room at a time and clean the rental property as per the list to get the best possible results. Have a look at our deep cleaning checklist!

Kitchen Cleaning

As the kitchen has different types of surfaces, it takes more time than any other room. Thus, you must start with the kitchen and ensure that it is absolutely clean. For cleaning it, use the following checklist.

  • Clean the oven, countertop, racks and stovetop. Get rid of the dirt and stubborn stains.
  • Clean the oil marks from the exhaust hood. Also, wash the filters and make sure the light is working.
  • Remove food particles from the sink drain and clean the surface properly with antibacterial cleaning solution.
  • Properly clean inside the dishwasher, including rubbers and all racks.
  • Remove all dirt and oil from the extractor fan
  • Empty the cupboards and wipe them properly.
Important Tip:

When you are cleaning the kitchen, you must pay attention to the cleaning of the oven. This is an appliance that people often neglect and it gets very dirty and becomes challenging to clean.

You can either use a commercial oven cleaner or natural cleaning agents like vinegar and baking soda to clean it. During the inspection, landlords in Perth often look for the oven so make sure it is sparkling all the time.

Cleaning The Bathroom

Once you are done with the kitchen, shift your focus to the bathroom. This is another place, which is used very often but doesn’t get cleaned as frequently as it should be. A dirty bathroom can be a massive obstacle in the way of getting back your bond. Thus, you need to make sure that it is perfectly clean. People usually go for professional end of lease cleaning in Perth, but you can also follow the checklist given here.

  • Wash the tiled surfaces properly
  • Clean the bathtub and washbasin
  • Get rid of the soap scum and hard water marks from the shower glass
  • Get rid of the mineral deposits on the showerhead and wipe the faucet.
  • Clean and disinfect the toilet
  • Properly dust the air vents and clean the windows
  • Remove water stains and soap scum from the mirror
  • Also, clean the medicine cabinet
Important Tip:

When you are cleaning the bathroom, pay more attention to the toilet, bathtub and the sink. These are the clearly visible area, so a little bit of dirt won’t go unnoticed. Use bathroom cleaners or baking soda to make them sparkling clean for better hygiene of the house.

Living Room and Bedrooms

The living rooms and the bedrooms are more or less the same, so it is good enough to use a single cleaning checklist. They might not look as dirty as your kitchen and bathroom, but they also require a thorough cleaning during the end of lease cleaning in Perth. To clean your living room and bedroom, follow the checklist.

  • Clean the drawers, cupboards, and shelves
  • Clean the wardrobe mirrors, tracks and frame
  • Clean the door frames and skirting board
  • Properly wash window, sills, and interior tracks
  • Properly dust and clean the blinds
  • Clean the light fixtures, switches and power points
  • Get rid of the cobwebs
  • Clean the carpets properly
  • Mop, sweep or vacuum the floors (as per the surface type)
Important Tip:

During the end of lease cleaning, carpets play a crucial role in getting back the bond, so make sure that it is perfectly clean. During carpet cleaning, the most difficult part is to remove the stains, spills and pet hair.

That is why experts always suggest going for a professional end of lease cleaning in Perth as they have experienced cleaners who have technical knowledge as well as modern cleaning tools. They are capable of cleaning even the dirtiest carpets with green cleaning products as using some chemical disinfectants can do more harm than good.  

Apart from the carpets, clean walls are also important because if there is any dirt or marks on the wall, it can diminish the beauty of the entire room. Thus, it is essential to clean the walls.

Outdoor Cleaning

If you have deep cleaned your house properly from the inside, then go for the other areas like porch, balcony, garage, etc. It is also essential to clean these areas to make sure that nothing gets deducted from the bond. You can follow a basic cleaning checklist for these places.

  • Get rid of the dust, dirt and cobwebs
  • Properly wash and clean the surfaces to get rid of any major stain
  • Clean the fixtures, light and switches
  • Front door and garage door should be clean
  • Sweep the floors properly and if required mop them
  • Pest control (if it is needed)
Important Tip:

If you have a porch, clean it properly and also its furniture because it beautifies the property.


Deep cleaning of your house is not as difficult as you think. All you need is a checklist to make sure you have cleaned the entire property thoroughly. Numerous professional end of lease cleaners in Perth back the cleaning checklist mentioned here. If you follow this list, you will be more confident about your cleaning standard and securing the bond.