9 Upholstery Cleaning Tips from Professionals

9 Upholstery Cleaning Tips from Professionals

By : Georgia
There is no denying that upholstery furniture adds comfort and unique style to your home interiors. These soft furnishings provide great cushioning for sitting and are safe compared to the wooden couch, especially if you have kids at home. If you have upholstery furniture, follow professional tips to remove dust particles, pollens, grime and stubborn stains without causing its fabrics. Regular vacuuming and proper cleaning can prevent the symptoms of hay fever and other respiratory disorders. You can use a vacuum machine that comes with a HEPA filter that can fetch pollen and pet hair with ease. Trained vacate cleaners in Perth also use advanced cleaning tools and gadgets to deliver sparkling results. Here is a list of 9 upholstery cleaning tips straight from professionals to help you restore the shine of your beautiful soft furnishings:

1. Check the Cleaning Code on a Label

Upholstery furniture usually comes with a label that has cleaning codes. It helps you know the right products that you can use on it to remove stains and grime. The labels are stapled onto the furniture- particularly out of your sight. Different cleaning codes can help you know whether it is safe to use a water base solvent or not on your upholstery couch or sofa. Here is a full list to help you identify each code:
  • WS: This means you can use water-based solution, steam cleaning and vacuum cleaning to remove stains
  • S: Use only dry cleaning product
  • X: Use a vacuum cleaner or brush. Do not use water
  • O: Organic cleaning or water spray
  • W: Steam cleaning and solvents

  • So, read the label and clean your couch accordingly if you want to maintain its pristine look.

    2. Do Not Skip Vacuuming

    If your goal is to boost the longevity of your upholstery,  it is good to vacuum clean it on a regular basis. A heavy-duty vacuum cleaner can help you collect tiny dust particles, pollen, pet hair, dead skin cells, and embedded dirt in no time. Get into the nooks and crannies using the right attachment. Note: It is good to vacuum twice a week, especially if you have pets at home. This will also improve indoor air quality. You can also hire the best vacate cleaners Perth if you are running at the end of your tenancy. They will vacuum your carpets and upholstery and clean the entire property to help you get the full bond back.

    3. Follow the Right Dry Cleaning Technique

    According to professionals, you should always follow the right dry cleaning methods for your soft furnishings. The hack is to use as little moisture as possible and blot the surface with a rag or cloth. It is good to use a mild detergent with little water. Dampen a cloth with the solution and wipe the surface. After that, blot the upholstery using a dry rag to eliminate excess moisture.

    4. Use Homemade Cleaning Agents

    You don’t need to use expensive upholstery cleaners to maintain its pristine shine. Instead, use simple ingredients for green cleaning. Use rubbing alcohol, baking soda, white vinegar and essential oils to tackle stubborn stains, mould and grime. These products are affordable and safe for the environment. Make sure you read the label on your furniture before using these products.

    5. Act on Spills Immediately

    Spills and splatters can ruin your furniture’s overall look and feel if you don’t treat them immediately. Blot the spill immediately using a dampened rag. This will transfer the spill from the upholstery to the rag. Use white vinegar and warm water solution to remove the dry spill. Wet it, blot it and dry it! Apply the solution and blot the surface in a circular direction.

    6. Use Ice For a Stuck Chewing Gum

    Do not remove wax or chewing gum from your upholstery using force. Take a deep breath and use this pro technique. Take an ice pack and rub the area. This will loosen up the gum or wax without causing any damage to the fabrics.

    7. Use a Squeegee For Pet Hair

    Soft furnishings tend to collect more pet hair and dander than wood furnishings. Instead of using expensive gadgets, bring a sturdy squeegee. Mist the furniture and rub the squeegee to get the pet hair off the fabric.  You can also use cleaning products that are safe for pets. This includes vinegar, salt and baking soda. After cleaning your couch, you can read the process and vacuum the loose hair. If you want to clean the entire property before the rental inspection, hire the best company for a detailed vacate clean in Perth at the most reasonable price.

    8. Get Rid of Greasy Stains

    These are the hardest jobs to perform, especially when doing it without any expertise. Professionals recommend using a generous amount of cornstarch on the stain. Let it sit for 10 minutes or until it absorbs the grease. After that, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the grease residue. The next step is to apply dish soap to the stain and rub it gently. Repeat the process and vacuum the area again.

    9. Remove Unpleasant Odours

    The dirty furniture may linger with unpleasant odour if you don’t remove stains and spills. You can sprinkle baking soda on the surface and leave it overnight. This will banish bad smells and kills germs and bacteria. You can also use baking soda to keep your carpets germ-free. Make sure you vacuum the furniture to get rid of excess powder.


    Follow these simple yet effective upholstery cleaning tips from professionals and keep dust, dirt and stains at bay. Use green cleaning products and non-abrasive cleaners for effective results and prolong the life of your beautiful upholstery furniture.