9 Tips for Booking a Quality Vacate Cleaning Service

9 Tips for Booking a Quality Vacate Cleaning Service

By : Georgia
You have to deal with various responsibilities when you move out of the rental house. However, the biggest challenge is cleaning the property. When you are occupied with numerous tasks, it is not easy to carry out the dusting of the property. However, you cannot avoid the task or even take it lightly because a perfectly clean house will help you to get the bond money back. In this situation, hiring professionals who offer the best vacate cleaning Perth can be beneficial. When your bond money and reputation are at stake, you cannot just rely on any random service provider. You must go for a genuine company that knows how to clean a rental property flawlessly. Do you know the correct way to select efficient cleaners who offer vacate cleaning Perth? There are a few guidelines that you must know about. Here are nine helpful tips for booking a quality vacate cleaning service.

1. Ask for Reference

When you want to book a quality vacate cleaning service, you first need to talk to your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues. Ask them which company they hired the last time they cleaned their home properly. Getting essential information about a cleaning company from people you can trust can be very useful. You might find a local company that is highly efficient.

2. Consider Total Experience

You should always opt for professionals who are highly experienced. They know how to clean the difficult areas in your house effortlessly. Vacate cleaning is different from regular dusting because the refund of the bond money depends on it. As a tenant, you don’t want the property to be used as a training ground by inexperienced professionals. Their lack of knowledge can cause damage to the countertop and carpets. A company that has been working in this genre for many years provides quality service continuously.

3. Read Online Reviews

Before you finalise a service provider to clean the property, it is essential to know its reputation in the market. The best way to find out that is by reading online reviews. Visit the social media platforms and comparison sites to read the reviews and feedback of previous customers. If possible, contact some previous customers to understand things about the company in a much better manner.

4. Know About Inclusions and Exclusions

Every company that cleans properties follow their inclusions and exclusions. So, you must know about them. So, before booking the service, ask the company what they exclude from their cleaning. It will help you know what you are getting for the money you are paying. If the service provider you have shortlisted excludes basic spots like air conditioners and filters, architraves, skirting, sink, range hood exhaust and filters, look for other companies. It doesn’t make sense to clean these spots yourself after you book professional cleaners.

5. What Services does the Company Offers?

Another great way to find out about professional vacate cleaning companies in Perth is by knowing about all the services the company offers. A genuine company understand the diverse requirement of the people. Besides knowing how to clean rental property to pass a landlord inspection, they offer various services – house and office cleaning, oven and BBQ cleaning, carpet vacuuming and removing stains. Many companies offer only a particular cleaning service, and you should avoid them.

6. Visit the Website of the Company

You should also check the complete website of the company that you want to hire. A genuine company always make sure that its website is informative. Whether you want to know about the history of the company, their service, the location they cover and need a quote, you will get everything on the website. An unprofessional or dishonest company is least interested in providing information to the customers. So, they do not maintain a proper website.

7. Know About Price Criteria

When looking for professionals who offer excellent and thorough vacate cleaning in Perth, you will find many companies that charge on an hourly basis. However, there are also some service providers who provide a quote as per the size and condition of the property. Opting for the second method will be beneficial as it will be more cost-effective.

8. Know the Approach

Many tenants overlook the type of cleaners a company uses to clean the property, but it is essential. Most store-bought products contain harmful chemicals that worsen the indoor air quality and may also damage delicate surfaces like marble countertops and carpets. Therefore, opt for professionals who are concerned about the environment and follow green cleaning.

9. Avoid Companies offering Massive Discounts

Always remember that cheap vacate cleaning doesn’t necessarily mean quality service. Tenants often hire companies that offer massive discounts or the cheapest quote in the market. However, this approach can get backfired. Dishonest companies usually use this marketing tactic to attract new customers. They are least interested in providing quality service and also apply many hidden charges. Avoiding such service providers is the best ways to protect yourself from scams.

Take Away

Booking a quality vacate cleaning service is considered challenging and confusing, particularly for first-timers. However, you can make it a lot easier by following the tactics mentioned above. Selecting reliable vacate cleaners in Perth can be time-consuming, so starting the process as early as possible is advisable.