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9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Vacate Cleaners

9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Vacate Cleaners
  • Georgia
  • Jul 16 2020

Moving out of a rented property is never easy since a host of activities need to be completed to manage the movement successfully. Among the various important moving-related tasks, cleaning at the end of a tenancy is necessary and crucial for securing the bond money.

Landlords rightfully expect the property to be returned in the same condition it was in at the start of occupancy and a tenant has to pass the final inspection to get the security deposit back.

Over the years, more and more tenants have started to take the assistance of end of lease cleaning companies in Perth for getting their deep cleaned. If you are a tenant researching to book professionals at the end of his/her lease agreement, here are nine questions to ask to hire reliable vacate cleaners.

What is the Company’s Market Reputation and How Long It has been in Business?

Hiring freelance cleaners can be unreliable, which is why it is best to book professional via a reputed end of lease cleaning company in Perth.

To know if a company is reliable, inquiring about their market reputation is of utmost importance. You can contact a host of companies online or via a call to know how long they have been in business and what is their standing in the industry.

Do the Cleaners Offer Complete Bond Back Guarantee?

Your prime reasons for hiring professional vacate cleaners to perform end of lease cleaning in Perth should be to release your security deposit. Therefore asking this question is necessary to ensure the cleaners guarantee their services will reap optimum results and help you get your entire bond back.

Does the Company have Insurance?

Another vital question to ask while hiring professional cleaners is to know if they have insurance in case any property content is damaged during the end of lease cleaning.

Reputed companies have limited liability insurance which usually covers some amount in case of anything is lost or damaged by their cleaners. Having insurance is reassuring and helps you trust the company better.

Are the Cleaners Employees or Contractually Bound?

Some cleaning companies have a team of in-house cleaners who perform end of lease cleaning in Perth while other companies may have a system of having contractual cleaners. Knowing whether the professionals coming to your property for the job are employees or on-contract will help learn about their compensation and other details.

Do the Cleaners have the Right Tools and Supplies?

Ensuring the professionals have the right tools and supplies to perform the end of lease cleaning at your rented property adequately is essential before booking their services. Asking this question is especially crucial if you are paying for additional services such as carpet cleaning, wall washing, pressure cleaning, pest control, etc.

Does the Company Offer Free Quotes, and are their Rates Competitive?

Companies that are in the residential cleaning business usually offer free quotations online and offline to help potential customers know what are their service charges and breakups. In addition to asking about free quotes, it is necessary to know if the company competes with the rates their counterparts are offering to get services at the best prices.

Is a background check done for all the employees or contractual cleaners by the company?

Since you let the cleaners in your home, it becomes vital to know if the company sends reliable, trained, and experienced professionals. While hiring end of lease cleaning experts in Perth always make sure that the company has done a thorough background check of their cleaners whether they are employees or on contract.

What are the Policies for Refund, Cancellation, and Rescheduling?

When moving, there can be unforeseen circumstances which may require cancellation of your book for the end of lease cleaning. Therefore, it is best to be proactive, and book cleaners who provide a full refund upon cancellation and willing to accommodate in case rescheduling is a viable option.

If you book cleaners via a reputed end of lease cleaning company in Perth, it will likely have a full refund policy when the cancellation is made within a stipulated period.

Does the Company Arrange Re-cleans?

After the inspection by the landlord or realtor, he/she may provide a list of things that may require attention or left during the end of lease cleaning. Under such circumstances, the tenant has to complete the cleaning tasks for which the vacate cleaners have to come again to the property.

Therefore, asking about the end of lease cleaning company in Perth, you are considering hiring about their re-cleaning policies is crucial. Reputed companies usually have a bond back guarantee period of a few days during which they send the cleaners for re-cleans whenever required.

Wrapping Up

By asking the questions listed above tenants who are at the end of their tenancies can find reliable, reputed, and experienced vacate cleaners. To move out of a rented property successfully, every tenant needs to perform end of lease cleaning in Perth and finding the right cleaners to do the job is crucial. Therefore, this guide is suitable for all lessees who are planning a move to a new home soon.