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8 Simple Oven Cleaning Hacks

8 Simple Oven Cleaning Hacks
  • Georgia
  • Oct 28 2017
Cleaning is mandatory to maintain hygiene condition. While cleaning, always look for a completely safe, natural and effective way. In other words, you should not use harsh chemicals to clean the oven. Various oven cleaning hacks will have your appliance sparkling in minutes.
If you want to avoid an hour of scrubbing on oven then you should clean it on regular basis. Whenever you see that oven is dirty, you should straight away start cleaning. Oven cleaning in Perth won’t be an arduous task if you follow some proven tricks.
For the apt cleaning, implement the oven cleaning techniques and see the difference. Here are 8 simple oven cleaning hacks.


It’s a misconception that you require expensive commercial solutions to clean the oven. You can make your own cleaner. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda will do a job for you. It can do wonders for cleaning.
While cleaning rubs the mix onto the dirty area and leaves it there for 30 minutes. Then wipe it off, you will find a clean oven.

Clean Shelves

Cleaning oven requires a lot of hard work. Generally, people avoid oven racks to clean them. But this is not the right thing. For apt cleaning remove the oven rack and place them in a large sealable bag. Then fill the sealable bag with oven cleaner. After an interval of few minutes starts scrubbing the shelves to remove the burst food material stick on it. Wipe it off to obtain clean shelves.

Usage of Right Tool

Ovens makes the cooking job a lot easier but it’s a common fact that machines can't work efficiently when they are dirty. Regular use of oven lead to spills, splatters, smoke, hence it requires apt cleaning. It is truly said, the Right tool is required for the right job.
While cleaning use the soft bristles to remove food residue. An electric toothbrush is also used for oven cleaning. When you are cleaning the oven floor and door cleaning use the glass scraper. You will find a cleaner oven.

Fight Oil with Oil

Generally, people avoid oven cleaning as it contains grease. The grease doesn’t come off easily. It’s a tough job but you can’t leave or avoid it. Hygiene should be maintained in any scenario.
In order to clean those tough build-up grease, you have to put some oil on it. In detail, take a paper towel and add few drops of vegetable oil on it and scrub it over the affected area. After a short interval, you will find a hygienic, sparkling oven.

Deal with Smells

In order to eliminate foul cooking smells from the oven, you need to clean the oven with utmost precision. As we know fish taste delicious but its strong smell leaves adverse affect. You found everything in a mess up situation. While cleaning adds two drops of citrus or vanilla essence in an ovenproof bowl and leaves it for some time. It will drastically remove all the smells.

Banish Grease with Car Wax

It’s a fact that machine requires maintenance on regular maintenance and absence of this leads to malfunction. Built-up grease on the hob starts troubling every now and then. You can clean it either by using an oil base cleaner or through concentrated liquid dish soap and baking soda. While cleaning, apply it on the affected area and see the drastic results. You will find a sparkling clean oven hob.

Polish with Cream of Tartar

After regular usage body of oven start paling. Hence, it requires proper cleaning and polishing. To eliminate dullness, apply cream of tartar and after some time rub it with a piece of cloth. You will find shiny and new stainless steel body of your oven.

If you are not capable of cleaning your own oven then what’s the alternative? You can hire the facility of Oven Cleaning Perth. Always look for that cleaner specialist who doesn’t use harsh chemicals to clean the oven. As you know harsh chemicals fumes are strong enough to singe off your eyebrows. These cleaning hacks are very fruitful in oven cleaning.
You can clean everything whether it’s a removing of oil or elimination of bad smells with lemon and water.