8 DIY Homemade Cleaners That Are Safe For Pets

8 DIY Homemade Cleaners That Are Safe For Pets

By : Georgia
Do you want to keep your home clean, hygienic, and safe for your pets? Chemical cleaners have a lot of toxic and harmful substances that could affect your pet’s health. You should avoid using these chemicals and use more eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for your pets. Expert bond cleaners in Perth can help you use these natural cleaners to keep your home and pets safe. Use their tips below to understand what natural ingredients will be best for cleaning your home.

Avoid These Toxic Cleaning Chemicals

Your pets and animals are more exposed to toxic chemicals because they sit, play and lick the floors and walls. This affects them more and makes them feel sick and allergic. These chemicals can create rashes and skin allergies if they have sensitive skin. You should avoid these toxic cleaning chemicals:
  • Phenols
  • Perchloroethylene
  • Formaldehyde
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Bleach
  • Ammonia
  • Phthalates

  • Different Natural Cleaners 

    1. Use Baking Soda As A Scrub Baking soda is a natural mild abrasive cleanser and odour absorber that will help keep your pets safe. You can use it as an excellent scrub to clean your homes. Experts who offer vacate cleaning in Perth suggest you clean your pet bowls, sinks, and countertops with baking soda to clean them naturally. Mix warm water with baking soda and salt to create a thick paste. You can dip a sponge in this paste and scrub your pet bowls, sinks and countertops until they shine and sparkle. Then rinse it with warm water to ensure all the paste comes out. Ensure you use a circular motion when scrubbing the dishes with the paste to get them cleaned properly. 2. Use Baking Soda As An Odour Absorber You can also use baking soda as an odour absorber to eliminate any pet smell in your home. Sprinkle baking soda on the carpets and rugs and leave it for about 15 to 30 minutes. You should then vacuum your carpet and rugs so that no smell is left. You can even rub baking soda on your pet’s coat to make it clean and smell nice. It is also natural and won’t harm your pet’s health. 3. Clean Your Floors With Vinegar Vinegar is a powerful natural cleaner that will not only loosen dirt and grime but also remove any strong pet odours. Vinegar is also a natural substance that can help keep your home clean and safe for your pets. You should use one cup of vinegar and water to clean your floors. You can also add club soda to your floors after the vinegar to make them shine and give them a natural clean look. This will also help keep your house clean and neat during the COVID-19 pandemic. 4. Use Vinegar To Clean Pet Toys You can mix one cup of vinegar and distilled water in a spray bottle and spray it on your pet toys. You can leave it for about twenty minutes and then rinse it off. 5. Clean Glass Surfaces With Lemon Juice Quality bond cleaners in Perth suggest that you should also keep your windows and glass surfaces clean and safe by spraying five drops of lemon juice and 2 cups of water. You should then wipe the glass surfaces with an old T-shirt or microfiber cloth and repeat if necessary. 6. Use Lemon Essential Oil To Clean Pet Beds If your pet has their bed and clothing, you should clean them with natural cleaning solutions. Add some detergent and a few drops of lemon essential oil into your washing machine and clean all your pet beds and clothing. The lemon will make your pet beds smell nice and fresh and keep bacteria and viruses at bay and kill germs in your home. You should then rinse it out with vinegar if needed. 7. Get Rid Of Paint Fumes With Vinegar You can save your pets from inhaling paint fumes and getting sick by using vinegar in different places. You can pour some vinegar into bowls and leave it all around the house to eliminate all the paint fumes. Change the vinegar daily till all the painting is complete in your home. 8. Get Rid Of Urine Stains With Baking Soda And Hydrogen Peroxide Bond cleaning professionals in Perth suggest that you can also get rid of urine stains on carpets and rugs by first blotting the area with a paper towel. Then sprinkle some baking soda on the stain and let it soak all the urine. You should mix three tablespoons of dish soap with 0.5 cups of hydrogen peroxide and spray it on the stain. Use a clean brush to wipe the stain and make sure the stain is completely clean. If needed, you can repeat the process so that all the urine stains come entirely from your carpets and rugs.


    Use the above homemade cleaners to keep your home safe for your pets so they can run around happily.