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7 Tips For Speed Cleaning Your House For Christmas

7 Tips For Speed Cleaning Your House For Christmas
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  • Dec 17 2020
Are you feeling excited about the Christmas Eve? With close friends and family coming to visit your house, it is the best time to show off your beautiful abode. Apart from decking up the premises according to the theme, make sure you spruce up every nook and cranny to make it look sparkling.

Holidays are the best time to get into the deep cleaning process because you have plenty of time to treat accumulated dust, stubborn stains and grime from your house.  Being a host, it is your responsibility to give your guests a clean and healthy indoor environment. However, if you are under a serious time crunch, then speed cleaning can be a great option for you.

In case you are prepping your rental apartment for the final inspection, consider hiring trained people for a detailed vacate cleaning in Perth. With their assistance and the highest standard of service, you can claim your bond back and make your Christmas more happening.

But, if you are looking for speed cleaning hacks for the festive season, then consider the following tips recommended by cleaning experts.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Follow a Standard Cleaning Checklist

If you want to spruce up your entire house quickly, then prepare a complete cleaning checklist. Include important areas and other surfaces that need a thorough cleaning. Also, arrange all the necessary cleaning supplies that can help you achieve sparkling results in half a time.

When you are prepared with everything, it won’t waste much of your time. Arranging necessary cleaning supplies, such as mops, microfiber cloths, a duster, a vacuum cleaner, a multi-purpose cleaner, scrubbing pads, etc will make it easy for you to get rid of unwanted stains, grime and bacteria from almost of surfaces.

2. Get Rid of Clutter

It is good to clear up the mess in order to speed up your household chore. It is super-easy to clean the floors and hard surfaces when you toss unnecessary items. Check all rooms and clear the mess- such as put books in shelves, toys in a cupboard and piles of dirty cloth in a laundry bucket.

This will take hardly 20 minutes and also save your overall cleaning hours because you don’t have obstacles while removing dust and stains.

3. Top-to-Bottom Cleaning

Most people overlook important spots and hard-to-reach areas, like ceiling fans, walls, light fittings, etc when sprucing a house quickly. That’s why it is good to clean your rooms in a top-to-bottom manner.

Start from the top of your walls and make your way down towards light switches, windows, furniture, carpets and floors. This will save you time while letting you cover every nook and cranny with ease.

4. Give a Quick Wipe To your Oven

It is impossible to imagine Christmas parties without delicious snacks and plump cake. If you are going to host a party, you may use the oven & microwave in the kitchen. So, make sure you give it a quick clean to get rid of stuck food particles, built-up grease, splatters, grime, and odours.

Prepare white vinegar, liquid dishwashing soap and warm water and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray on the side-walls, and other areas excluding the heating rods and leave it for a few minutes before wiping with a clean cloth.

You can also apply a thick layer of baking soda and warm water. Leave it for 10 minutes and wipe off using a damp cloth. This trick also works wonders.

5. Spruce up All Kitchen Surfaces

Do not forget to clean the kitchen countertops, range hood, gas stove, table top and other surfaces to make your kitchen look sparkling.  Quickly wipe the surface after prepping your Christmas meals because meats can leave germs behind.

Also, clean the dining table, chairs and shelves to get rid of accumulated dust and grime. A thorough service is required when you are moving out of a rental property. If you are moving out during Christmas, hire trained vacate cleaners in Perth and make the most out of your holidays.

6. Disinfect Your Bathroom

A bathroom is one of the important rooms in your house that need to be cleaned and disinfected before Christmas. If you are inviting guests for the celebration, they are going to use your bathroom. So, keep it free from soap residue, mineral deposits, mould and bad smell using safe and sound products.

Also, disinfect the frequently touched surfaces, such as counters, faucets, toilet seat, door frames, floors, etc.

7. Pay Attention to Important Spots

When you don’t have much time for a thorough cleaning, then focus only on important spots. These are windows, bathroom, the walls, toilet, kitchen countertops, carpets and floors. Make sure you banish bad smell from your smell by cleaning garbage disposal and freshening up your carpets.

Hiring a professional cleaning service is one of the best ways to clean your house quickly for Christmas. They know the right methods to spruce up the entire premises in half a time. Plus, they follow a checklist and use advanced equipment to treat tough stains and accumulated dust with precision.


Cleaning is a process of dusting, vacuuming and disinfecting surfaces. With the help of the above tips, you can speed up the process during Christmas. You can impress your guests with your housekeeping skills by maintaining the pristine look of your beautiful abode.

If you are at the end of your tenancy, choose a high-quality vacate cleaning in Perth over DIY cleaning. They will help you get the bond back without giving you a hint of stress.