7 Things Parents Should Know About the Coronavirus and How to Prevent It

A mother is teaching her kid about proper hand washing

7 Things Parents Should Know About the Coronavirus and How to Prevent It

By : Georgia
Since the news of a novel coronavirus spreading broke in December 2019, the world has been in a tizzy due to the disease COVID-19 it causes. In Australia, the situation is changing rapidly as over two thousand cases have been reported with over a hundred in Western Australia. These numbers are increasing daily, which is why it is understandable as a parent, you are worried about the well-being of your children. What should you do to keep your family and yourself safe? The answer is to stick to the facts, stay aware, and take measures to prevent contraction of this pandemic. Here is a guide by the expert end of lease cleaners in Perth detailing seven things parents should know about the Coronavirus and how to prevent it.

Important Facts about the Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19

There is a lot of misinformation online and offline due to unawareness among the general population about the novel Coronavirus (CoV). What to believe and how to get the right facts? Expert end of lease cleaners in Perth have shared the following insights, which can help you know more about the virus and impart the knowledge onto your children as well. 1. What does COVID-19 mean? The CO stands for corona, the V is for the virus, and D is for the disease. Other names for the pandemic are 2019 novel coronavirus and 2019-nCoV. 2. The Coronavirus is highly contagious, and an infected person can transfer the virus through respiratory droplets by sneezing or coughing. The virus is transferred by touching contaminated surfaces and infected people as well. 3. Coronavirus can live on a variety of surfaces from a few hours up to two-three days. It was found in a study that the virus was stable on plastic and stainless steel with survival duration of 72 hours. The virus could survive on paper and cardboard surfaces for about 24 hours. 4. The best way to keep the virus from entering the body is to ensure hands are washed properly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If you are using a hand sanitiser ensure it has 60% alcohol or above. Washing hands is the most effective at removing corona and other viruses. Professional end of lease cleaners say using liquid sanitisers should be preferred only when soap and water are not available for washing hands. 5. Who should wear a mask? Professional end of lease cleaners in Perth say not everyone is required to wear a mask. People who are infected or have the symptoms associated with the coronavirus disease need to wear masks to protect others from contracting infection through respiratory droplets. 6. The symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. In severe cases, the infection can lead to pneumonia and extreme difficulty in breathing. The disease is particularly dangerous for immunosuppressed individuals and people with pre-existing ailments like heart problems, cancer, diabetes, etc. 7. The virus can survive and be transmitted in any climate. There are rumours that it is difficult for the virus to stay alive in hot and humid areas, but according to experts, there is no proof that the virus cannot sustain in heated summers.

How to Prevent Coronavirus Transmission?

As a parent, it is a fearsome time because it is your responsibility to keep your children safe. To provide assistance on how to prevent transmission of Coronavirus, listed are some useful tips by professional end of lease cleaners in Perth.
  • Ensure your kids wash their hand regularly, especially before and after meals. Supervise that they are using soap and water correctly and clean for 20 seconds. It would be wise to let your children know that washing hands is not optional.
  • You have to teach your children not to touch their eyes, mouth, or nose as these are the openings through which the virus can enter their bodies. Understandably, ensuring this is difficult, but if you tell your children the necessity of avoiding touching their faces, prevention can become more manageable.
  • Social distancing, especially of children is essential to break the chain of coronavirus transmission. Therefore, make sure your children are entertained at home, and their playground time is skipped during the lockdown period.
  • If you and your family have travelled in the past fourteen days or have cold or flu symptoms, then ensure you self-quarantine. If your child exhibits signs of fever, cough, and shortness of breath then seek medical attention immediately. Call their paediatrician before planning a visit.
  • According to the professional end of lease cleaners in Perth, keeping your house clean and sanitary is of utmost importance, especially during the lockdown. Since, everyone in the family is home chances of dust, dirt, mess, and germ-growth increase. Therefore, ensure you have TGA-approved cleaning and disinfecting products at home and have the right tools on hand.
  • Expert cleaners in Perth say to effectively rid your home of any illness-causing microbes, cleaning and then disinfecting is essential. Don’t skip any of the two activities as cleaning is vital for removing contaminants from a surface and disinfectant is crucial for killing bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microbes.
  • While using the cleaning and disinfecting products ensure to read the labels for instructions. Most disinfectants require five-ten minutes to purge germs effectively. Therefore after cleaning, ensure the disinfectant remains on a surface for at least ten minutes.
  • Inculcate in your children the habit of sneezing coughing into a tissue/elbow to prevent respiratory droplets from travelling in the air or settle on another person. In case a tissue is used, dispose it immediately.

The Bottom Line

Expert end of lease cleaners in Perth say to stop the transmission of this contagious disease effectively, it is essential to stay true to facts, remain aware, and take preventive measures. As a parent, the onus of keeping your children safe and healthy during the time of this pandemic is on you. Hence, ensure your children are taught the importance of washing their hands, keeping social distance, and maintaining personal hygiene at all times.