7-Point Checklist When Hiring Vacate Cleaners In Perth

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7-Point Checklist When Hiring Vacate Cleaners In Perth

By : Georgia
Nothing can be more stressful than preparing the rented property at the end of a tenancy. There is a high risk of losing a part of bond money/deposited security if you return the premises in a dirty condition. According to the rental laws in Western Australia, tenants/renters have to return the property in a flawless state to get the full bond back. If you fail in doing so, the landlord has the right to deduct a part from your deposited security. Whether it is a studio apartment or a 3-bedroom house, make sure you hire professionals for a meticulous vacate cleaning in Perth. They follow a pre-approved checklist to leave no signs of dust and dirt behind before the final inspection. However, choosing the right vacate cleaners is challenging because hundreds of companies are already in this competitive cleaning industry. It is good to do thorough research so that you can prevent yourself from scams and fraud. Below is a complete checklist that will guide you throughout the booking process:

1. Determine Your Budget

Everyone wants to get the best quality of service, especially while moving out of the rented property. However, most people end up making wrong decisions due to a lack of knowledge and proper research. It is good to decide your budget because the price is crucial when selecting a good vacate cleaning company in Perth. The price for cleaning services depends on the number of rooms, the number of cleaners needed, cleaning products, and the equipment used. So, it is good to create an estimated budget and choose the company accordingly. It is good to compare the best deals and speak to at least three companies before making the final decision.

2. Pay Attention to Online Reviews

Do not forget to read the online customer reviews of shortlisted companies to know the quality of services, professional approach and other key aspects. There are various comparison websites where you can read genuine reviews of your previous customers. If possible, find out customers’ contact details and get more information about the pricing policy and reliability before booking any company.

3. Visit their Official Website

It is vital to visit the website and check whether it has genuine information or not. Most renowned companies always include services, pricing policy, professionalism and much more on their websites. They provide attention-to-detail information along with a pre-approved checklist and also covers key information to help you know the importance of vacate cleaning at the end of a tenancy. The best part is that they don’t hesitate to share information about their services. On the other hand, a foul company usually doesn’t have detailed information on their website. So, it is good to check all web pages and jot down important points.

4. Get a Free Estimate

This is an important step when booking reliable vacate cleaners in Perth. It is good to choose a company that offers service depending on the size of the property. If a company is charging you on the basis of hours, don’t hire them. Many cleaners increase the time by performing cleaning chores slowly. Also, choose a company that offers a transparent pricing policy because many unprofessional ones may ask you to pay hidden charges in the middle of the process.

5. Know the Inclusions and Exclusions

Each company varies when it comes to offering end of lease cleaning services to their end customers. Some include hallways and carpets in the service, while others may exclude it. So, it is important to know the exclusions and exclusions in a detailed manner. Ensure the company includes all the important areas and tasks, such as dusting ceiling fans and walls, vacuuming carpets, cleaning stovetop and spot cleaning the walls. For more details, you should contact the cleaning service provider and clear all your doubts. If you are not satisfied with the package or the services offered, look for other reliable options.

6. Consider the Safety Aspect

You must cross-check whether the cleaning products used in the process are safe for your kids, pets and the environment. Speak to the cleaning service provider and get complete details. These days, most companies are using green cleaning products that are free from harmful chemicals. However, a few may use industrial chemicals to complete the job quickly. Be clear about these aspects. Also, let them know if someone in your family is allergic to any specific cleaning product.

7. Get Assurance of Quality Cleaning

The main objective of hiring a professional vacate cleaner is to secure the full bond money. So, it is good that a company offers you complete cleaning satisfaction with a service guarantee. This will give you a sense of satisfaction that your bond money is safe, and you will get it after the rental inspection by your landlord.


Lock your decision after gathering all the necessary information about the company you plan to hire for a thorough vacate cleaning in Perth. Keep these 7 points in mind while booking a good company and stay relaxed throughout the process.