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7 Brilliant Cleaning Shortcuts From The Pros

7 Brilliant Cleaning Shortcuts From The Pros
  • Georgia
  • Jun 12 2019
There is always a special feeling, a smile on your face, and a sense of achievement when you enter your house and find everything clean and in order. However for that, you need to do some cleaning! And, the biggest hurdle that people usually face in this regard is the shortage of time.

Our incredibly fast-paced lives are occupied with office workload, excessive use of gadgets, daily household tasks and other responsibilities. Thus easy and useful cleaning shortcuts are the need of the hour.

Many consider hiring the best vacate cleaners in Mosman Park to clean their properties in the least possible time, but the experts have some secrets in store for you. According to them, it is possible to clean your home in record time by following some cleaning shortcuts. Here are some tips from experienced cleaners to keep your place spic and span.

1. Use Olive Oil To Clean Fingerprints

It doesn’t look nice when you see dirty fingerprints on your refrigerator and other similar surfaces. The quickest way to clean these fingerprints is to use olive oil.

Take a drop or two of the oil and apply it on the fridge or any other stainless steel surface and clean it using a piece of cloth. The best thing about olive oil is, it won’t leave behind any stench of cleaning products.

2. Use Vinegar To Make Microwave Sparkling Clean

People usually microwave food without using a lid. This makes the device dirty over time. However, there is a quick way to clean the spills and splatters in the microwave, even if they are hardened. Vinegar is an ideal option to clean your microwave.

Pour some vinegar into a microwave-safe bowl, add lemon and water in it and microwave for seven to ten minutes. This will soften the bits of food and set-on stains, so you can use a sponge and wipe up the dirt quickly. You will save a lot of time as you don’t need to use chemical-based cleaners or do the scrubbing job.

3. Use Vinegar And Baking Soda To Clean The Oven

The oven is often utilised in our daily cooking, and becomes dirty over time and starts looking gross. It also produces foul odours, which can affect your health. People often opt for professional bond cleaners in Mosman Park for deep cleaning of the kitchen and appliances because it is the easiest way to clean them thoroughly.

However, if you want to clean the oven quickly, you have the solution right at your home. Make a mixture of baking soda, water and vinegar and pour it in an oven-safe bowl. Then, switch it on for a couple of minutes so that dirt gets softened, and then let the oven cool a bit. Now take a sponge and clean the mess from the stove and the racks.

4. Clean Baseboards With Dryer Sheets

The baseboards can get dirty quite quickly, but people in Mosman Park usually neglect its cleaning as no one wants to do the cleaning and scrubbing on their hands and knees. At the time of the final inspection of the house, the tenants often forget to clean it, and the inspection agent deducts the security deposit.

Thus, make sure that you clean the baseboard from time to time. To clean the baseboards quickly, use the dryer sheets as they are ideal for cleaning dirt and dust. From the spilled laundry detergent to few dust bunnies, it cleans everything.

5. Use Dish Soap To Clean The Blender

We all like to have a fruit/veggie smoothie in the morning but do not clean the blender regularly. Thus, the leftover gradually accumulates inside the blades, and it becomes dirty.

So, make sure that you clean it from time to time with correct cleaning tools. To clean it, all you need to do is to take a few drops of dish soap in the blender and pour some hot water in it. After that, run the blender for a couple of minutes, and that’s it. Properly wash the blender, and it is perfectly clean.

6. Clean Oven Hood Filters In Dishwasher

When you have a hood range above the oven, chances are high that the filters will be dirty. But you don’t need to worry as you have the solution in your home. All you need to do is to take them out and put them in the dishwasher! You can save a lot of time because you don’t have to waste your time with a scrub brush.

7. Use White Vinegar To Clean Showerhead

Do you feel frustrated because of the low pressure of water while having a shower? This is due to the showerhead buildup. But it is quite easy to clean. Mix distilled white vinegar and hot water in equal proportions and pour the solution in a plastic bag.

In case you have heavy mineral build-up, use only vinegar. Then you need to submerge the showerhead into the plastic bag and tie it at the top. Make sure that the crusty area gets appropriately submerged.

Keep it like that for a couple of hours before removing the bag. Finally, scrub the showerhead with a scrub brush and run the shower water.


To keep your house clean, you need to get rid of the dirt and clutter. But no one wants to spend hours cleaning the house. People are looking for smart ways that give the best result in minimum time. The shortcuts mentioned above are backed by professionals in Mosman Park to provide you with the result you want and save your precious time.