6 Things You Should Disinfect in Your Home, ASAP

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6 Things You Should Disinfect in Your Home, ASAP

By : Georgia
Regular cleaning of a home is imperative to keep germs and bacteria away from the kids and family. However, getting into the cleaning process on a daily basis is a challenging task, but creating a to-do- list can help you achieve a neat and hygienic home environment with ease.

You can create a cleaning checklist and add chores such as mopping the kitchen floors, sanitising sink, countertops, sweeping floors, vacuuming carpets and disinfecting bathroom. To make your daily cleaning routine more manageable, try to break down the tasks and complete them once in a week.

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But if you really want to do it yourself to keep your house disinfected, have a look at these six things while sprucing up your abode.

1. Clean and Disinfect your Kitchen Counter and Stovetop

Kitchen countertops witness sauce splatters, oil spills and tough stains regularly. And leaving them overnight not only attracts germs but also make your cleaning job tougher. Instead of leaving the stains for a long time, treat them as soon as possible.

Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and wipe down the counters and the stovetop at night. This will save you from putting extra efforts in the morning and also keep disease-causing germs away from your kitchen. Use white vinegar and hot water solution to wipe down the kitchen surfaces and make sure you rinse with clean water or microfiber cloth.

2. Remove Stains & Spills ASAP

What if someone accidentally drips coffee on the floor covering in front of your eyes? Instead of waiting for the next day, you should clean it as early as possible. The longer you wait, the less likely you will be able to eliminate the stains.

So, it is better to spot-clean when the stain or spill is fresh. Blot the affected area with a paper towel (damped in all-purpose cleaning agent). Don’t rub the stain as it could destroy your rug or carpet. Take special care while cleaning your carpet, if you have pets at home.

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3. Clean up Your Dishes Regularly

It is annoying to see piled up dirty dishes in the sink. Skipping this daily chore not only breeds harmful bacteria but also make your home look unhygienic and smell unpleasant. If you have a dishwashing machine, then daily wash your dirty dishes. Involve your family in this chore and keep your kitchen sink clean and disinfected.

4. Clean Small Appliances

While cleaning your heavy kitchen appliances, make sure you swipe small appliances as well. Clean the coffee maker after every use to avoid splatters and spills. Use the all-purpose cleaning agent and soapy water to bring back the lost shine of your appliances. Don’t forget to rinse with clean water to see the desired outcomes.

Tip: Don’t scrub the appliances as it could leave scratches on them.

5. Kitchen Sponge or towel

Don’t forget to disinfect your wet kitchen sponge and towel because it accumulates germs and bacteria that could lead to harmful diseases. So, after wiping the kitchen counters and sink, wash the sponge in soapy water and rinse with clean water.

6. Door Handles And Switch Boards

Anything that touches your hand such as door handles, remote control and switchboards easily collects and spreads germs. These areas need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Use a safe and sound disinfectant and wipe down remote controls, stove knobs, microwave buttons, appliance, faucets, handles, etc.


Detailed cleaning of the house is impossible without targeted dirty and germy areas. Make sure you keep the kitchen counters, stovetop, wiping sponge, towel, door handles, switchboards, faucets, and remote controls clean and germ-free. Use green products such as cleaning agents, disinfectants and sanitisers to protect your kids and pets from harmful chemicals.

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