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5 Important Things to Remember While Vacating Your Property

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5 Important Things to Remember While Vacating Your Property
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  • Oct 12 2017
Moving out to a rental property is one of the most stressful tasks. Your lease has come to an end, and now you are responsible for everything from shifting all the furniture and other items to cleaning. Cleaning is mandatory if you want to secure your bond money.

A proper planning and cleaning checklist is required to clean your premises. There are lots of things to manage altogether during a cleaning process. Your approach is fundamental to save both time and effort. Make a checklist and include all the dirtiest areas and high-traffic areas where cleaning is required.

First, you need to clean up the entry of your home, living room, carpet and rug areas. Then vacuum your furniture, de-clutter your rooms, clear your counterparts and clean it with a dabbed microfiber cloth. Then clean the bathroom.
Once the cleaning of kitchen and bathroom is done, you can come to your bedroom and change the bed sheets, pillow covers and other bed linens. This is imperative for Vacate Cleaning in Perth, to get your bond back.

There are five essential things to remember while vacating your property :

Vacuum Cleaning

The polluted air had an adverse effect on the beauty of your house, and it becomes tough to clean it alone. A possible alternative to do this is a cleaning company. Vacate Cleaning Perth is capable of all the household chores.
Vacuum cleaning not only removes bacteria, viruses and other pathogens in our homes but also maintains the hygiene conditions. Through dusting, you can eliminate all the loose dirt and hair dangles. Cleaning the property on your own can be a daunting task, especially if the premises are too large and dirty.

Clean the Windows and Doors

Clean your grimy and muddy windows and doors on a regular basis. For sparkling cleaning, first wipe off the window glass, blades and its corners using a dry duster or cloth. Then, start applying a household cleaner safely and properly all over the window. Scrub it properly to remove the stains and grime. Now, wipe off it with clean water. A clear window and door give your home a bright, clean, inviting look. Cleaning also prolongs the life of your door and windows thus saving you money in the long run.

Spackle and Paint

Another important aspect while vacating your property includes spackle and paint. Fill all holes left by hanging things on the wall.

The question arises ‘Do I need to remove the stains?’ Stains might include ink and water spots. Yes, you have to clean all the stains and fill the holes left by hanging things on the wall. This will ensure your bond money back.

Clean the Bathroom

It's time to clean your bathroom. It is one of the most difficult cleaning areas. You will find hair-clogged drains, grease on the floor and stains all over the place.

Cleaning on a regular basis is imperative instead of leaving it dirty over a long period if you want to match your house condition report in Perth, at the end of the lease. For maintaining hygiene condition, it's best to impart a quick cleanse once a week. It will make a cleaning task a little less fearsome. The safest and easiest way to clean bathroom is to use a mild floor cleaner. Before you leave, ensure that your bathroom has been cleaned properly.

Clean the Kitchen Appliances

Cleaning kitchen isn't fun, and you have to clean all areas of a kitchen, including the ceiling, floors, equipment, preparation tables and walls. Clean all the dirt accumulated around the refrigerators and under the cooking ranges. Failing to maintain hygiene condition in kitchen results in loss of bond money.

If you want to get your bond back but are too busy or too tired to carry out a vacate cleaning yourself, call Vacate Cleaning Perth. They know what is required for a perfect end-of-lease clean.


When moving out, tenants need to ensure the property is just as clean as it was when they first moved in.  The entire things need to be cleaned such as light fittings, air conditioner filters, and vents, doors, doors frames, skirting boards and windows, including window’s tracks, sills and the glass.
Vacate Cleaning Perth possess the sound experience to perform your end of lease cleaning up to its highest expected standard.