5 Easy Hacks To Clean Your House After Halloween Party

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5 Easy Hacks To Clean Your House After Halloween Party

By : Georgia

Halloween is a fun and exciting festival that is enjoyed by children and adults alike. It is a day when celebrations of different measures are conducted by people. Children go trick or treating while adults enjoy by throwing parties. Having people over at your house is a great way to connect and celebrate, but the mess is a challenge to clean the day after.

Since Halloween is not a public holiday in Perth, you may not have hours to sanitise and tidy your house. Here is your complete guide by professional cleaners in Perth with easy hacks to clean your home after a Halloween party. Additionally, read on to find whether you need assistance of professionals.

Remove Pumpkin Smell and Stains with Baking Soda

Want to get rid of stains caused by pumpkins? You can use baking soda as it is versatile cleaner and deodoriser. Treating these stains is simple; on fresh ones you can sprinkle baking soda directly and let the powder do its magic. Remove the residue with a microfiber cloth after 15-20 minutes and the surface should be clean.

For stubborn stains and spots, you can use a paste of baking soda and dishwashing liquid in equal measures. Keep the consistence runny and ensure the paste remains on the stain for 30 minutes at least before you scrub and clear the residues.

Use Rubbing Alcohol for Glue & Sticker Residues

If you are living in a rented property using a scrapper to remove sticker residues or glue may not be the best solution. It can lead to scratches and damage to the surface. The better way to remove these sticky spots would to use rubbing alcohol. Get the solution with 30% water and 70% isopropyl.

You can fill it in a spray bottle for easy usage or saturate cotton cloths to make application of the product easier. To remove any sticky residues, apply the solution on it and wipe. If the stain is stubborn let the product saturate for a few minutes before you wipe the surface clean.

Note: To avoid damaging a surface, make sure you apply rubbing alcohol on an inconspicuous area to see its effects. Experienced vacate cleaners in Perth use the testing method to ensure no surface or object is discoloured or damaged from a cleaner.

Remove Candy Spots with Soapy Water and White Vinegar

During Halloween kids eat and play with a lot of candies that can leave sticky stains on your tables, floors, furniture, and countertops. One of the best ways to remove these stains and spots is to make and use a solution of warm water and a multi-purpose cleaner like detergent or dishwashing liquid.

If the stains are stubborn you can increase the potency of the cleaning solution by adding white vinegar to it. Don’t add vinegar to the cleaner if you need to use it on stone surfaces such as marble, granite, sandstone etc. White vinegar is corrosive it comes in contact with porous surfaces of natural stones.

Remove Glitter with Play-Doh!

Glitter on Halloween decorations are notorious for sticking to carpet fibres, nooks, crannies, and fabrics besides you skin and hair. The shimmering particles can remain of household surfaces days after the party even with regular vacuuming, dusting or wiping.

For removing stubborn glitter from any surface, you can use play-doh. The clay can easily pick the particles from fabrics or hard surfaces without leaving any residue or mess. You can knead and use the play-doh multiple times before it becomes dirty enough to be ineffective.

Remove Wax with Blow Dyer and Scrapper

Everyone lights candles as part of Halloween décor to give their homes a spooky ambience. However, candles can leave wax residues on floors, furniture, countertops, and carpets, among other surfaces.

The best way to get rid of wax deposits is to use a scrapper to break and pick them. Try to remove as much wax as you can with the scrapper without scrapping it too hard against the surface.

If there is any residue remaining and you cannot scrap it, use a blow dryer to melt it and wipe with a cloth. You can use a vacuum cleaner or broom to collect any wax particle for the surface and keep it sanitary.

When to Seek Professional Assistance Professional Cleaners?

For tenants who are at the end of the tenancy, taking the assistance of professional cleaners is a practical solution. You can hire cleaners who perform end of lease cleaning in Perth and offer a plethora of cleaning solutions.

For homeowners, hiring professional cleaners is a viable option if the property has become heavily soiled and needs a deep cleaning. Professional cleaners have the right products and tools to sanitise different types of residential properties within a stipulated time.

The Bottom Line

Enjoy your Halloween party without worrying about the mess with the above mentioned cleaning hacks. Tidying your house after a party may seem boring and time consuming. However, with these tricks you can make your home neat and clean without spending hours.