5 Cleaning Products To Avoid During Pregnancy And Their Substitutes

5 Cleaning Products To Avoid During Pregnancy And Their Substitutes

By : Georgia

Brimming with happiness and anticipation, Pregnancy is undeniably one of the most beautiful phases in women’s life. From the fluttering kicks to the heartbeat heard during ultrasounds, a woman cherishes every moment with the growing baby. This makes her more cautious about protecting the baby from dangers and other harmful elements.

Some experts say exposure to toxins and chemicals might increase the danger, especially during the first and third trimesters.

Therefore, avoiding cleaning products that contain ammonia, trisodium phosphate, hypochlorite and much more is good for keeping your baby safe.

Using toxic cleaning products on a regular basis can be extremely harmful during Pregnancy. Instead, you can use eco-friendly or chemical-free products that are safe for pregnant women and the environment.

Here is the list of five cleaning products to avoid during Pregnancy and their safer substitutes to achieve a clean abode.

5 Harmful Cleaning Products to Avoid

These products are laden with toxins that can pollute the air, release harmful fumes and cause serious health issues, especially during the pregnancy phase.

  1. Don’t Bring Ammonia-Based Cleaners

Ammonia is one of the common chemicals present in the majority of store-bought cleaning products. Floor cleaners, glass cleaners, stain removers and disinfectants contain ammonia, and that’s why you should avoid using them.

They can release pungent fumes that may cause irritation to the respiratory system and also harm the developing fetus. So, read the labels and avoid ammonia or bleach-based cleaners for your home.

If you are at the end of your lease, book a company that specialises in safe and budget vacate cleaning Perth to help you get the full bond back. You can ask them to bring chemical-free products if someone in your family is pregnant.

Safe Substitute: White Vinegar and Warm Water

Instead of using ammonia-based cleaners, you can prepare homemade all-purpose cleaning products using vinegar and warm water. You can add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to achieve desired results. You can use it to make a homemade drain cleaner and other cleaning products to maintain a healthy home.

This solution can help you remove stubborn stains, grime, grease and germs from different surfaces, such as ovens, glass, floors, windows, shelves, sinks, etc.

The acidic property of vinegar makes it a perfect natural stain remover, and the best part is that it won’t cause any harm to pregnant women.

Tip:  Keep the windows open and wear a face mask when using vinegar to clean your home in Perth.

  • Say No to Glycol Ethers-Based Products

Glycol ethers are a group of toxic chemicals found in household cleaning products, detergents and soaps.

Exposure to these products during pregnancy can be extremely harmful. They can reach the developing fetus and cause congenital disabilities, miscarriage and other developmental abnormalities. These chemicals can also disturb the endocrine system and imbalance your hormones. Instead you should know the importance of green cleaning and use right products.

Safe Substitute : Baking Soda

This versatile cleaning agent works as a mildly abrasive and effective powder that can remove greasy and oily stains from almost all surfaces. It is a great alternative to glycol ethers-based cleaning products that are available on the market.

Use it as a paste to remove caked-on gunk and grime from a microwave or sprinkle it over your carpets to absorb stains and unpleasant odours; baking soda is undeniably one of the most powerful eco-friendly products.

  • Stop Buying Store-Bought Room Fresheners

Air or room fresheners, laundry detergents and toilet bowl cleaners contain phthalates. It is a group of hazardous chemicals that are used in cleaning agents to boost the fragrance.

As per recent research, pregnant women who use chemically-laden dish soap and laundry detergent had a higher percentage of phthalates in their urine. The worst part of these products is that they can lead to congenital reproductive anomalies in male kids. It can also cause respiratory problems if you are using products in the long run.

Instead of reading the labels, you can avoid using cleaning products that have strong fragrances. 

Eco-Friendly Substitute: Essential Oils

You can use lemon, orange, lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, rosemary and other essential oils to freshen up your rooms, carpets and rugs. The best way to use it during the cleaning process is by mixing it with white vinegar and soapy warm water.

Spray the solution to remove stains and banish bad smells as well. You can also use a diffuser to disperse natural essential oils into the air. These oils come with great health benefits, and that’s why you should use them regularly in a housekeeping task.

  • Aerosol Products

These products release a fine mist into the air and thus cause serious health problems and respiratory disorders for pregnant women. Regular use of air fresheners and other aerosol products can cause asthma and other breathing problems in your child.

You should read the labels and avoid buying these harmful products. If you are preparing the rented property for inspection, book a company that can bring environmentally-safe products for an expert vacate cleaning Perth to help you pass the inspection.

Non-toxic Substitute: Hydrogen Peroxide

It is one of the best cleaning products that can remove stains, bad odours and make your house look clean and shiny. Mix 3 per cent of hydrogen peroxide with warm water and spray over the mould, grease, and stubborn stains.

Use a microfiber cloth or brush to get rid of grime and achieve sparkling results.

  • Formaldehyde-Based Cleaning Products

These are also hazardous products that are commonly used in store-bought disinfectants. Of course, these can kill harmful germs and bacteria, but the toxic fumes can cause respiratory disorders and create pregnancy complications.

Natural Alternative: Baking Soda and Lemon

Baking soda works wonders in banishing musty smells and killing germs, while lemon is a natural degreaser and bleach. Both can be used to clean and disinfect surfaces safely and soundly.

Mix both ingredients and create a healthy and hygienic indoor environment that is perfect for a pregnant woman.

You can use baking soda in different ways to freshen up indoor air without releasing toxic fumes.

Many vacate cleaning Perth professionals also use natural and safe substitutes for harmful cleaners to keep the environment toxic-free for customers’ well-being.

Wrapping up

Taking extra care of your health is imperative during pregnancy. So, read the labels before buying any store-bought cleaning products avoid these chemicals and keep your baby healthy. You can make eco-friendly cleaning products using vinegar, baking soda, lemon and hydrogen peroxide to spruce up your home like a pro.