12 Golden Rules of Cleaning By Experts

12 Golden Rules of Cleaning By Experts

By : Georgia
Important household chores like house cleaning often take a backseat when the professional and personal commitments keep you on your toes. People try to complete the task in the hustle, and in doing so, they overlook the rules. That is why it is considered a time-consuming and overwhelming task. The internet is flooded with various tips and tricks on cleaning and household chores, but not all work. To make house cleaning easier and quicker, follow the rules recommended by experts. Have you ever wondered how professional cleaners give flawless result every time? Instead of following tricks or experiments, they stringently follow the rules. To avoid the hassle of dusting and scrubbing, you can also contact a company that offers the best vacate cleaning Perth. Such companies provide different additional services, including thorough house cleaning. It is also possible to carry out the task with a bit of knowledge and elbow grease. Here are 12 golden rules of cleaning by experts.

1. Top to Bottom Approach

You should always follow top to bottom to clean your home. So start dusting the top corners to remove cobwebs, the ceiling, and the windows, followed by any paintings on the walls. After that, wipe the furniture, drawers, and other things at the same level. At last, sweep the floor.

2. Choose Dry before Wet Cleaning

Always start with dry procedures like dusting and vacuuming when cleaning a place. Then go for the wet cleaning procedures like mopping, detergent use, etc. If you use water to remove the dust, it will create a huge mess that will be much more difficult to clean up. To clean your tile floors efficiently, you must follow this rule.

3. Clean Up Spills Immediately

When you spill something, don’t wait to clean it up; act quickly and clean it up immediately. If you wait, the stain will be dried up and become even more challenging to remove. So, the moment you notice the spill, blot with a paper towel to remove as much moisture as possible.

4. Allow Time to Work for You

Removing dirt and stains will be easier and faster if you use a time management strategy. For instance, if you are dusting the kitchen, spray your cleaner on the counter and appliances. Then start preparing for another surface while the cleaner soaks in. When the time comes to wipe the surface clean, there won’t be much scrubbing to do.

5. Read Instructions

It is advisable to read the instructions before washing any furniture, carpets or using a new detergent. After all, the manufacturers or suppliers of the product know exactly how it should be utilised. If you want to clean any costly and delicate things like carpets, contact professionals who offer reliable vacate cleaning Perth. They have expertise in removing dirt, dust and stains from carpets without damaging the material.

6. Don’t Use Too Much Product

People believe that if they use the cleaner in more quantity, it will give a better result. However, things don’t work like that. Remember that using too much product to clean a surface is only a waste of money. You should also avoid spraying the cleaner directly on the surfaces like electronics. Instead, spray it on a towel and then wipe it down.

7. Involve Everyone 

Everyone in your home should contribute to the dusting and scrubbing to the best of their abilities. It is an extremely crucial talk to have with every family member if you haven’t already. Discussing regularity, timing and age-appropriate tasks, as well as creating common objectives, will help everyone feel better about their living area.

8. Make a Secret Test When Doubtful

If you plan to try a new technique or product on a surface, it is advisable to first test on an inconspicuous part of the surface. This rule also applies when cleaning a sensitive surface that a product could destroy. Testing will reveal if the surface is colourfast and if the process or product is likely to cause harm.

9. Use the Right Tools for Dusting

It is essential to use the right tool when dusting your home. Many people prefer to use a feather duster to remove dust from the household surface, but it is a mistake. The feather duster will only remove it from one place and spread it in the entire room. Therefore, you should only use a microfiber cloth or a vacuum cleaner that can trap the dust particles.

10. Disinfect After Cleaning

Dusting and scrubbing is not enough to make the home a healthier place. You also need to destroy the harmful germs and bacteria that spread illness and make you sick. Therefore, you should always disinfect a surface after removing the dust and dirt. Things you should disinfect in your home include the door knobs, kitchen counter, light switch, faucets, etc.

11. Do not Mix Cleaning Products

When some products are mixed with other items, they can sometimes produce hazardous vapours or harmful chemical reactions. For example, you should never combine bleach-based cleaners with ammonia-based cleaners (like window and glass cleaners). When these two compounds combine, a deadly gas known as chloramine is produced, which can cause chest pain and shortness of breath.

12. Always use Eco-friendly Products

The Perth market is full of different cleaners, but most of them have toxic substances. These harmful chemicals pollute the environment and are responsible for various allergies and health issues. Therefore, you should only use eco-friendly products. They are equally helpful but entirely safe and a lot cheaper.


Keeping your home perfectly clean is not as difficult as it seems. You need to keep in mind the golden rules for cleaning by experts. If you are moving out of the rental home at the end of the lease period, contact experienced vacate cleaners in Perth. The professionals can help you to get back the bond money. People with a busy schedule can also opt for the experts.