10 Things Most Renters Forget To Clean When Moving

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10 Things Most Renters Forget To Clean When Moving

By : Georgia
When tenants move out of the rental living space, the biggest challenge for them is to clean the property. It is a crucial task because the refund of the deposit money depends on it. Despite knowing that it is essential to clean the property thoroughly, tenants often forget to clean important areas. Moving is a stressful task where tenants need to deal with various tasks simultaneously. As a result, they do not get enough time to clean the property. Therefore it is always advisable to hire a company that offers the best vacate cleaning in Perth. The professionals make sure that every nook and corner of the property looks sparkling clean, and they also let you focus on moving-related tasks. If you want to carry out the task yourself, you must know about the spots that people usually forget to clean. Make sure that you follow a checklist and include the spots in that list. Here are the ten things most renters forget to clean when moving.

1. Ceiling Corners

One of the most common things that renters overlook when moving out is the ceiling corners. As it is a hard-to-reach spot, tenants leave it for last and then forget to wipe it. This place is most likely to have dust and cobwebs. So, you must clean it perfectly. Use a long-handled broom or vacuum cleaner with an extension hose.

2. Ceiling Fan

The blades of the ceiling fans also accumulate a lot of dust and dirt, but most renters forget to clean them. The property owner will carefully examine the spot, so you must wipe it perfectly. Use a step ladder so you can easily reach the blades and then clean them one by one. Use a microfibre cloth to wipe the blades. After that, use a damp cloth to wipe the blades as it will help to remove the stubborn dirt.

3. Light Fixtures

The renters also forget to wipe the light fixtures of the rooms. If you want to clean the light fixtures perfectly, wipe the dust with a microfibre cloth. To clean them thoroughly, you can remove them and wash them in the dishwasher. Then take them out, wipe with a dry, clean cloth and finally place the light fixtures back at their respective places.

4. Inside Cupboards and drawers

Tenants wipe the outer surfaces of the cupboards and drawers but often forget to clean the inside. So make sure that when you are cleaning the property, open the Cupboards and drawers and wipe the insider surface. Use an all-purpose cleaner to remove the accumulated dirt and stains. Certified vacate cleaners in Perth focus on such hidden spots, and thus they give you the best result. It is one of the advantages of hiring vacate cleaners.

5. Baseboards

When people move out of the rental property, they make sure that the walls look perfectly clean but often forget about the baseboards. This place has dirty patches, spills, stains, scuff marks, etc. So make sure that you also clean the baseboard of all the rooms perfectly. Wipe the surface with a microfiber duster to trap all the dust. Then use a damp cloth to get rid of the stubborn dirt.

6. Window Blinds<

Tenants clean the windows of all the rooms properly but usually forget to clean the blinds. This spot traps a thick layer of dust, and you must clean it. The easiest way to clean the window blind is with the help of kitchen tongs and a microfibre duster. Simply wrap a duster on each tong and then wipe all the slates of the blind one by one.

7. Range hood exhaust

It is one of the most neglected things when it comes to the cooking area. Renters often forget to clean the spot, but landlords examine it carefully. So, if you want to get back the deposit money, clean it perfectly. Fill your kitchen sink with boiling water and add dish soap and baking soda to it. Remove the greasy filters from the food and soak them into the sink for some time. Then scrub them and wash them properly. Clean the hood as well and attach the filter back.

8. Oven

People often forget to clean their dirty ovens. To wipe the appliance, apply baking soda paste and apply it inside the surface. Leave it for a couple of hours, and then use a wet cloth to wipe the oven from inside. If it is too dirty, contact professional vacate cleaners in Perth. It is one of the most useful house cleaning tips to save time and energy.

9. Bathroom and Kitchen Tile Grouts

The tenants scrub the tiles of the bathroom and kitchen but forget to clean the grout. If you want to remove the stubborn dirt and fungus on the grout, prepare a paste using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Apply it on the grout and scrub well before you rinse the spot.

10. Shower Head

The showerhead is another thing the renters forget to clean. This place accumulates limescale over time that you need to remove. For that, you need to detach the showerhead and keep it inside a plastic bag filled with vinegar, so it immerses into it. Wait for a few hours before taking it out and adequately scrub with a brush.


Cleaning the rental property on your own is a challenging task. It is because you also need to focus on moving-related tasks like packing belongings, utility transfer, address change, etc. If you do not want to skip any vital place, prepare a checklist and include the aforementioned spots. Otherwise, you can contact professionals who offer reliable vacate cleaning in Perth. They will give you the best possible result.