10 Simple Ingredients You Need For Green Cleaning

10 Simple Ingredients You Need For Green Cleaning

By : Georgia
What if there was a way to deep clean your home without being engulfed in harsh chemicals? You can do this by throwing away those toxic store-bought products and opting for more natural, cheaper and eco-friendlier alternatives which is called “green cleaning”.

Green cleaning has now become a popular option for people who want to clean their homes using ingredients they can find right in their kitchen pantry. This is especially a good option when you need to deep clean your home before vacating it.

If you are unsure about green cleaning, you could either opt for vacate cleaning in Perth or go through our section below to know more.

What You Will Need

Now that you have decided to go for green cleaning, you will need to arrange a small cleaning caddy. This cleaning caddy should contain:

  • Glass spray bottle- You can use this as a glass cleaner, household cleaner or stain remover spray.
  • Scrubbing brushes-You can tackle all the dirt and grime in toilets and on floors with scrubbing brushes.
  • Carpet shaker- If you have a glass cheese shaker, you can use this for your carpets.
  • Microfiber cloths are organic and non-abrasive so you can use them multiple times for cleaning surfaces.
  • After arranging your caddy, it is time to pick your natural ingredients and start cleaning.

    Ten Ingredients To Use For Green Cleaning

    Now that you are ready with your cleaning caddy, start selecting your natural and environmentally friendly products, such as follows:

    1. Lemons

    You must be using lemons in several recipes, but you can now also use it as a cleaning substitute. The best part about lemons is that they remove dirt and grime because of their acidic nature and also smell nice. It would be best if you used lemons as a natural scrub in the following ways:

    • Pour some lemon juice on your faucets and leave it overnight. In the morning, you should clean it with a damp, microfiber cloth to eliminate any grime.
    • You can also get rid of garbage smells by throwing half a lemon in your disposal.
    • If you have grout on your bathroom floors, you must mix half a cup of tartar cream with lemon juice and scrub it with a brush to remove stains.

    2. Essential oils

    Another great refreshing alternative like lemons are essential oils. You can make your house smell great with essential oils, and they have several anti-bacterial properties as well. There are many ways you can use essential oils as cleansers, such as:

    • First, you must mix 3 cups of vinegar with three tablespoons of natural soap and then add 50 drops of essential oils.
    • Use this mixture with a microfiber cloth to cleanse surfaces and tabletops and make your house smell great.

    3. Castille Soap

    If essential oils are too strong for you, you can always use a milder smelling alternative like Castille soap. There are many ways in which you can use Castille soap, such as:

    • Car Cleaner – You can clean the insides of your car and make them look brand new with the help of Castille soap in the following manner:

    a) Mix ¼ cup of Castille soap with warm water.
    b) Then use this mixture with a microfiber cloth to scrub the insides of your car.

    • Stovetops: Many vacate cleaners in Perth recommend using Castille soap to clean stovetops by mixing it with warm water. It will eliminate grease or stains and make your stovetops shine.

    4. Olive Oil

    Like Castille soap, another gentle eco-friendly option you can use to clean your home is olive oil. It not only has nourishing benefits for skin and hair but also creates a healthier home. You should use olive oil as a green cleaner in the following manner:

    • Firstly, mix olive oil with salt and use this mixture on cast iron pans. Then, you can scrub off all the dirt and grime on the pans with a brush.
    • You can also use olive oil as a furniture polish. To do this, first, mix two cups of olive oil with a cup of lemon juice. Then use this mixture on your wood furniture to polish it.

    5. Borax

    Like olive oil, another ingredient that you can find easily for cleaning your home is Borax. It has several deep-cleaning properties such as:

    • To get rid of pests, you should mix a spoon of Borax and sugar in a spray bottle. The sugar will attract the pests, and Borax will kill them. You can spray this mixture all around the house to kill any pests.
    • You can also use Borax as an alternative toilet cleanser. You should leave the Borax in the toilet bowl overnight to do this. In the morning, you must scrub the toilet bowl with a brush to eliminate any grime.

    6. Vinegar

    Vinegar is another multi-use green cleaner that you can use to disinfect and thoroughly cleanse your homes. You can do this in the following ways:

    • In these COVID-19 times, keeping all our fruits and vegetables clean is essential. You can do this with the help of vinegar by:

    a.First, take one cup of vinegar and mix it with lemon juice.
    b.Add a cup of water and grapefruit seed extract to this.
    c.Now use this mixture to clean out all your products, so you are always protected.

    • You can also use vinegar as an excellent all-purpose cleaner to clean and disinfect any part of your house. Firstly, you must mix 1 ½ cup of vinegar with five drops of clove oil and five drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle. Now, spray this all over your home and clean it with a microfiber cloth.

    7. Baking Soda

    Besides vinegar, baking soda is another item you can find quite easily in any kitchen cabinet. It would help if you used baking soda as a cleanser as it has several disinfecting solid properties. Here are some ways you can use baking soda:

    • You should combine baking soda with water and salt and use this mixture to clean cutting boards.
    • Another great way to use baking soda is by mixing it with salt, dish detergent and hot water to clean any sterling silver jewellery.

    8. Salt

    Like baking soda, you must be using salt almost daily in your kitchen, but you can also use it to clean the dirt in your home. Salt is excellent to use both on its own or as an additive, and you can use salt as a cleaning agent in the following ways:

    • If you are tired of seeing your drain getting clogged, mix salt and hot water and pour the mixture down the drain. It will unclog your drain in no time.
    • Another great way you can use salt to get rid of stains is by mixing salt with vegetable oil to clean any water rings on your tabletops.

    9. Vodka

    You might be surprised to know that another great cleaning agent is vodka. Plain vodka with water is a perfect combination you can sip on or use to sparkle your homes in the following ways:

    • You can get rid of any mirror streaks by spraying the mirror with vodka. You can then wipe this down with a cloth.
    • When you combine vodka with water, it also gets rid of any shower mould. To do this, you should spray vodka and water on the shower mould and leave it overnight. In the morning, use a brush to scrub it thoroughly to do away with mould.

    10. Hydrogen peroxide

    Lastly, Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most natural and safe ingredients that is used by many vacate cleaners in Perth. There are many ways you can use this natural agent to beautify your home, such as:

    • You can get rid of any stains and whiten your floors by mixing hydrogen peroxide with lemon juice. Then use this mixture to scrub your floors. You will soon have white floors without having to use any toxic chemicals.
    • Another good way to use hydrogen peroxide is by mixing it with a gallon of water to clean any carpet stains.


    Now that you have seen how many natural ingredients you can use to clean your home, you can go the greenway and opt for natural cleaning for your homes!