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10 Simple Cleaning Tasks Your Kids Can Do

10 Simple Cleaning Tasks Your Kids Can Do
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  • Nov 25 2020
Getting your kids involved in household chores is undoubtedly one of the most challenging tasks for you. They love creating a mess around the home but will make hundreds and thousands of excuses when it comes to de-cluttering the home.

Of course, some cleaning tasks, such as scrubbing off tough stains, wiping hard-to-reach areas, etc are difficult to perform, but there are some simple chores that you can encourage your children to do on a daily basis.

It is important to transform boring tasks into a fun activity while planning something like that for small kids. Creating cleanup games can bring happiness and joy while keeping them motivated all day long.

In case you are preparing the rented property for the end of lease inspection, then contact the seasoned professionals for the best vacate cleaning in Perth. Professional assistance is required because they know how to and what to clean so that you can get the bond back without any conflict.

However, you need to keep the entire property clean throughout the lease to minimise the stress and amount of tasks at the end of the tenancy. If you want to involve your kids into household chores, then start with the basic cleaning skills. Here is the list of 10 simple cleaning tasks for your children:

1. Making a Bed

This is one of the easiest and satisfying cleaning jobs, especially for children. First, teach them to help you change their bed sheets and duvet covers. Encourage them to do this every morning along with you so that they can develop a habit of making a bed every day. This will keep the bedroom look neat and clean while keeping the dust and grime away.

2. Dusting the Surfaces

Involve your kids while dusting your house to get rid of accumulated harmful dust particles, dirt, grime and other loose debris. Instead of giving them hard-to-reach areas, focus on table-top, chair handles and accessible areas so that they can clean it without your assistance.

Give them a clean piece of microfiber cloth and let them enjoy their cleaning time. Make it a fun activity by playing their favourite songs. This will energise them and also give you plenty of time to complete other cleaning chores.

3. Simple Chores Related to Laundry

Encourage your children to help you with washing their dirty clothes. Since they can do it all alone, you can create a fun activity by letting your kids separate their clothes into whites and coloured.

Put them in separate buckets, and bring them to the washing machine. Let them participate in this in the beginning so that they can develop a habit of taking dirty clothes to the washing machine or a laundry room.

4. Clearing Up the Mess

De-cluttering a room is one of the important aspects when it comes to achieving a clean and organised home altogether. To make it a simple task for your kids, tell them to fetch all the toys and books scattered on the floor and put them in a cupboard. Assist them in picking up the unnecessary stuff and make them feel that they are important too.

Instead of hunting around the entire house for clothes, books and toys, they will find everything in one place- this will make them more responsible as well.

5. Feeding Pets and Washing Out Bowls

Do have pets at home in Perth? You can involve your kids in household chores by allowing them to feed your pets and washing out their bowls after every meal. If you have fishes, then take their assistance in cleaning the fish tank.

You can also show your children how to use lint rollers while removing pet hair from carpets and upholstery furniture. They will love this chore as it seems like a fun activity.

6. Washing Dirty Dishes Together

This is one of the simplest tasks when it comes to assigning household chores to children. Create a habit of washing dirty dishes immediately after every meal. They should know the right way to wash dishes so that they can do their own dishes without your supervision. If you have younger kids, then ask them to bring their plates to the kitchen after the meal.

7. Wiping Bathroom Counters

You can give responsibilities to your older kids and encourage them to clean and disinfect bathroom counters and faucets every day. This won’t take much time and make your bathroom look clean and shiny.

8. Hanging Up their Towel After a Bath

It is good to develop a habit of hanging up a wet towel after a shower or bath from the starting. This is one of the most overlooked tasks, especially for teens. You can ask them to hang towels near an open window to reduce the chances of mould growth.

9. Wash Your Car Together

Create a team with your kids and wash your car in a fun way. Let them assist you in bringing cleaning products from a car to the garage or wiping down the surface to get rid of dust and debris.

10. Disinfect the Common Surfaces

Yes, give them a disinfecting spray and a clean cloth or just disinfecting wipes to disinfect the surfaces like doorknobs, counters, tabletops, chair handles, mobile phones, remote control etc. First, teach them the right way in the first few days before assigning this task to your older kids.


It is always good to start with simple and interesting household activities that can keep them connected and motivated. Since small kids want to enjoy everything, convert boring chores into fun games that always encourage them to build a habit of keeping a house clean. This will also help the professional vacate cleaners in Perth while sprucing up the premises at the end of your tenancy.