10 Important Questions To Ask When Choosing A Cleaning Company

10 Important Questions To Ask When Choosing A Cleaning Company

By : Georgia
Hiring professional cleaners to keep residences sanitary and hygienic is a great way to ensure your home remains healthy. Not everyone has the time, energy or expertise to perform routine house or bond cleaning in Perth. Cleaning companies have professionals trained and certified to sanitise residential properties according to Australian cleaning standards and regulations. These professionals have the experience, equipment and expertise to complete house cleaning tasks in time and save you a lot of hassle and stress. If you plan to hire a cleaning service to sanitise your home daily, weekly or monthly or get your bond back at the end of a tenancy, you must ask the right questions to make the right choice. Below are 10 important questions to ask when choosing a cleaning company and getting services worth your time and money. Have a look.

What is the Company’s Reputation and Experience?

It is important to remember that a renowned company with at least 5-7 years of experience is likely to have refined the existing techniques and gained valuable insights to ensure effective and result-driven cleaning. A company with a strong reputation gives confidence and helps you build trust when moving out of your rented property.

Is Your Company ASIC-Registered & Has Other Accreditations to Operate?

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission is a government regulatory body, and for a business to operate lawfully, it must register with the ASIC. Registered companies have to maintain a business name, share financial records, have a registered office and meet other legal obligations. In addition to this registration, the cleaning company must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and other important accreditations.

What are your Booking, Refund, Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies?

Good cleaners performing home or professional vacate cleaning in Perth want to ensure their patrons have a smooth experience. Thus, they have defined policies for booking jobs, refunding the booking amount, rescheduling cleaning jobs and cancelling bookings. You must inquire about these policies while searching for cleaning companies to choose the ones that meet your expectations.

Are Your Cleaners Insured & Bonded?

No one wants to be liable for medical bills in case an accident happens and the cleaner gets injured on your property. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of hiring cleaners from a cleaning company that doesn’t provide insurance to their employees. Asking this question is also vital to ensure if a business hires contract cleaners, then those professionals must be insured and bonded as well. Knowing that the professionals working in your home have coverage will provide your peace of mind.

What Type of Cleaning Services Do You Offer?

Outline your requirement before contacting cleaning companies to find the right organisation quickly. For example, inquire about their domestic cleaning solutions and frequency options if you want to hire a weekly house cleaning service. Alternatively, if you are ending a tenancy and want to hire professionals one time for bond cleaning in Perth, ask if the cleaning company can meet this requirement.

Are Your Cleaning Practices Sustainable?

Sustainability is a major concern today, and cleaning companies are mindful of the environment more than they were earlier. Therefore, many reputed organisations ask their professionals to use green and natural cleaning products and energy-efficient tools. To ensure your house is cleaned by such professionals, ask about green cleaning policies and certifications.

Do You Offer Bond Back Guarantee?

This guarantee gives renters or tenants the peace of mind, knowing their bond money is protected and they won’t lose their hard-earned money due to a lack of cleaning during the move-out process. When hiring a professional and trained cleaning company, make sure you verify if they offer a bond back guarantee or not. For that, you need to carefully read the terms and conditions thoroughly and make a well-informed decision for the sake of your bond money.

What are Their Service Locations?

Not all cleaners providing excellent house or bond cleaning services in Perth cover all its suburbs. Therefore, it is necessary to ask which locations they cover for their bond cleaning and additional services. Most reputed cleaners assist in the best suburbs in Perth, such as Waterford, Churchlands, Salter Point, Dalkeith, Shelley, Attadale, Murdoch, and more.

Are Your Cleaners Qualified? Are They Your Employees or Hired-on-Contract?

Ensuring the cleaners coming to your home are experienced, trained and qualified to perform the services you hired them for is crucial. You should ask how many years of experience the cleaners have, what their credentials are, what skills they have, and other questions related to the cleaner’s abilities. Furthermore, ensure you know whether the cleaners coming to clean the property are employed by the company or associated with the company via a contract.

Does The Company Offer Free Quotes?

Reputed and reliable bond cleaning companies in Perth offer free cost estimation of the services you plan to avail. These quotes are generated digitally and categorised as no-obligation because the estimate is created for reference, and the potential customer doesn’t have to commit to hiring cleaners. Therefore, it would be wise to inquire from a company’s representative if they generate free and no-obligation quotes for end-of-lease and other cleaning services.

Wrapping Up

To make an informed and correct decision while hiring a cleaning company, it is essential to ask the questions mentioned above. By inquiring and researching, you can avoid getting scammed by unregistered or unreliable companies that boast of offering excellent cleaning services at economical prices.