10 Homemade Cleaners That Actually Work

10 Homemade Cleaners That Actually Work

By : Georgia
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people regularly started deep cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting all parts of their homes. While this deep cleaning is good for keeping your home free of dust and germs, it also means that you have to keep purchasing expensive store-bought chemical cleaners. However, you can save energy and money by replacing these chemical cleaners with homemade solutions that you can make with ingredients in your pantry. Natural cleaners like baking soda and white vinegar are powerful enough to remove stains and dirt and are even used by professional vacate cleaning in Perth services to deep clean homes. Therefore, it is an eco-friendly and cost-effective idea to ditch your store-bought chemical cleaners and try the following ten homemade solutions instead:

1. Vinegar Solution: All-Purpose Cleaner To Tackle Stains

Ingredients: 1 cup of white vinegar 1 cup of distilled water 1 lemon or orange rind Mix the vinegar and water in a glass bottle and add a lemon rind. Let this solution infuse for at least a week, and then use it as an all-purpose spray around your home. This spray can tackle mild daily stains like soap scum on tiles, wooden countertops, floors, and cabinets. Tip Avoid using this all-purpose cleaner if you have granite or stone surfaces, as the acetic acid in vinegar can damage or etch the stone.

2. Dish Soap: Keeps Marble Countertops Shining

Ingredients 2 drops of mild dish soap 2 cups of water You should avoid using the all-purpose vinegar cleaner on your marble countertops and use a solution of 2 cups of mild dish soap and 2 cups of water instead. Dip a sponge or cloth in the dish soap solution and wipe your granite and marble countertops. Ensure you rinse with water and then buff dry with a clean microfiber cloth to remove all soap suds. Tip Use these tips to clean marble floors naturally and keep your home shining at all times. It is also necessary for maintaining optimum hygiene.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide: Makes Your Dishwasher More Effective

Ingredients 6-10 drops of lemon essential oil ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide You can make your dishwasher clean more effectively by adding lemon essential oil and hydrogen peroxide to the rinsing section. Hydrogen peroxide acts as a natural cleaning and bleaching agent that will help remove food bits and stains from your dishes and keep them shining.

4. Lemon Juice & Salt: Shine Up Your Brass Utensils

Ingredients Microfiber cloth 1 Lemon 1 tablespoon of salt Brass utensils have become quite popular lately because of the emphasis on health and hygiene. However, they become easily stained and are challenging to clean. You can shine up your brass utensils by cutting a lemon in half and then dipping it in salt. Now, wipe your brass utensils with this solution, and the citric acid in lemon juice will fade stains while the salt will act as a mild abrasive that will add shine to your brass utensils. Lastly, wipe the utensil with a clean microfiber cloth to remove the solution.

5. Baking Soda Paste: Wipes Away Tough Stains From Your Oven

Ingredients 4 cups of baking soda 1 cup of warm water If you have a dirty and greasy oven, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and make your food unhygienic. You must use a paste of 4 cups of baking soda and 1 cup of warm water to clean it effectively. This is because the alkaline baking soda loosens grease stains and makes them easier to wipe. Spread the solution over your oven and then leave it overnight so the baking soda can break down the grease and oil stains. Lastly, wipe it off with a clean microfiber cloth or sponge in the morning. Tip You can also use this paste to treat mould and damp spots in your home. They are usually found in bathrooms because of the moisture in the air and mist be removed before they become unmanageable to clean.

6. Cornstarch: Gets Rid Of Streaks From Windows

Ingredients 1 cup of hot water 1 bowl 1 cup of rubbing alcohol 4 tablespoons of cornstarch Spray bottle Bond cleaners in Perth recommend using cornstarch to clean your windows, as it does not leave any streaks. To make this solution, you should mix one cup of hot water and one cup of rubbing alcohol in a bowl. Next, add 4 tablespoons of cornstarch and stir the mixture. You should then add this to a spray bottle and spritz this over your windows from top to bottom. This will eliminate dirt and dust and remove streaks from your windows easily to spruce up your home. Tip Here are some tips on how to make an all-natural window cleaner to clean in an eco-friendly manner.

7. Tea Tree Oil & Baking Soda: Keeps Your Garbage Disposal Fresh

Ingredients 4 drops of tea tree oil 1 cup baking soda 1 cup of water 10 drops of orange essential oil Pour the tea tree oil, baking soda and water down the garbage disposal while it is running to clear food debris and remove foul odours. Then pour in orange essential oil to keep your disposal smelling citrusy and fresh. It is vital to do this to keep away pests and germs in the house.

8. Vinegar & Sage: Refreshes Your Indoor Air Quality

Ingredients 1 bunch of chopped sage 1 cup of distilled vinegar ¼ teaspoon salt 1 cup hot water You can make your air freshener by filling a bowl with one cup of hot water and then adding one bunch of chopped sage, 1 cup of distilled white vinegar and ¼ teaspoon of salt. Leave this solution for 12 hours in a cool and dry place and then spray it around your room. The sweet smell will help you feel relaxed and make your home an inviting space for outsiders.

9. Borax Powder: Scrubs Rust Stains Off Porcelain Sinks

Ingredients ½ cup borax powder ½ cup lemon juice If you have rust stains on your porcelain sinks, bond cleaners in Perth recommend using a borax powder cleaning solution to remove them. To do this, you should cut a lemon in half and rub borax powder on the insides of the lemon. Now, use this to wipe your porcelain sinks and scrub and move towards the sink’s grain so you do not create streaks. It helps to bring back the lost shine of the fixture.

10. Castile Soap & Rubbing Alcohol: Eliminates Bathroom Stains

Ingredients 1 cup of Liquid Castile soap 1/3 cup distilled water 1/3 cup rubbing alcohol 1/3 cup white vinegar Bathrooms are the dirtiest spaces in the house because of their high utilization and purpose. To deep-clean your bathroom and eliminate stains and spills in your shower, mix castile soap, distilled water, rubbing alcohol and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Use this homemade mixture all over your bathroom to keep it fresh. Tip Here are 10 ways to clean your bathroom properly to keep the germs from spreading and leading to diseases in the family.


The above homemade cleaners are all natural and effective in scrubbing and wiping away grime from your home. But it is important that you label all your cleaning solutions and always test them before using so you do not end up damaging any surface in your home.