10 Cleaning Tasks Better Left to the Professionals

10 Cleaning Tasks Better Left to the Professionals

By : Georgia
Cleaning your house regularly is key to maintaining a healthy home. It is also necessary to reduce mental stress, keep sanitary surroundings and make your home sparkle. The Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) meter measures the contamination on surfaces. Many household surfaces can have high ATP readings (over 100), and the risk of illnesses spreading is extremely high if they have a reading of 300 or more.

Therefore, you must clean and disinfect household areas routinely to prevent them from becoming hot spots for germs that cause viral or bacterial infections.

However, there are many challenging cleaning tasks that you cannot complete without expertise, proper equipment and experience. For example, end of lease cleaning differs from regular house cleaning, which is why renters often hire professional vacate cleaners in Perth to perform it.

Here are ten cleaning tasks better left to the professionals because they can get better results and help you save a ton of time, energy and money. Take a look.

1. Deep Cleaning of Carpets

You can vacuum carpets and rugs in your home every few days or daily if you have pets. But, there are many professional carpet cleaning methods that you cannot perform. These methods include hot water extraction (steam cleaning), carpet shampooing, absorbent compound (dry cleaning) etc.

Hire professional cleaners who offer cheap vacate cleaning Perth if you need to get any of these methods done at the end of your tenancy.

2. Mould Remediation

Mould is pesky as it can grow rapidly in damp, cold and dark spots. Therefore, mould spots are common on ceilings, floors, walls and fixtures in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. You can remove shallow mould, but it is best to seek professional assistance if the infestation is significant or affecting areas you cannot clean (vents, fall ceilings, insulation etc.).

Since professionals have the right products and tools, they can also remove mould and prevent its regrowth.

3. Window Washing

Cleaning reachable windows is quick and easy as you can wipe them regularly and even wash them with a pressure washer or soap and water.

However, call professionals if you have a multi-level home with windows that you cannot clean. They can use harnesses, step stools and other equipment to reach the fixtures and wash them quickly. You can book professional cleaners twice a year to wash windows or avail their services when the windows are heavily soiled.

4. Air Ducts’ Cleaning

If your house continuously smells musty or has dusty surfaces even when you wipe them regularly, it is a sign that the air ducts need deep cleaning. Get them professionally cleaned because they have high-performance vacuum cleaners and industrial-grade cleaners.

5. Unclogging Gutters

After spring and autumn, hire professionals to clean the gutter in your house to remove leaves, grime and gunk. Some people clean gutters themselves, but if you don’t want to get icky, mucky and tired, leave this task for the professionals.

6. Sanitising Upholstery

Fabric couches, cushioned bed boards, chairs and other upholstered items in your home need deep cleaning at least once a year even if you vacuum them regularly.

Professional cleaners use the right products and expert cleaning techniques to remove dust mites, stains and dust embedded deep into the fibres. Hiring professionals is also the correct thing to do when your upholstered furniture is under warranty.

7. Cleaning Drapes & Blinds

Cleaning these fixtures is difficult when you have personal and professional commitments that leave you with little time to clean your house. Therefore, instead of going through the pain of dusting, wiping and vacuuming, hire professional cleaners to manage them.

8. Decluttering & Organising Your Home

Clutter is visually overwhelming and reduces space in your home. You can declutter and sort your belongings, but professionals can do a much better job. They can discard unwanted items responsibly and ensure every space in your home is utilised correctly.

9. Pool or Spa Cleaning

Pools and hot tubs in your house gather dust, dirt, algae and mould. They need annual cleaning or when the water becomes murky. Since the task requires expertise, professional equipment and the right product, they can deep clean the pool & spa effectively and efficiently.

Note: Avail pool or spa cleaning service from a good vacate cleaning company in Perth if you are responsible for its maintenance and cleaning.

10. Dirty Oven

Sometimes even when you clean your oven, it still smells and has grime. If you cannot figure out how to deep clean your over and its racks effectively, take professional assistance. An experienced cleaner can remove stubborn food carbons, boilover messes and oil stains using the right products and techniques.

The Bottom Line

Keeping your house clean and organised is challenging when you lack the motivation or time for house cleaning. Additionally, tasks like vacate cleaning in Perth and the ones mentioned above are hard to manage yourself because they require focus, the right products and expertise.

Therefore, seek professional assistance to get them done and live without stress.