10 Areas You Should Clean Daily To Maintain A Healthy Home

10 Areas You Should Clean Daily To Maintain A Healthy Home

By : Georgia

Did you know your home can collect over 40 pounds of dust annually?

Not only does this dust contain allergens that can make you sick, but there are also microscopic bugs and pests hidden in these dusty areas that can cause bacterial and viral infections.

Therefore, it is important to regularly wipe and deep clean your home every two to three weeks to remove this dust.

If you need a more intensive cleaning done of your home at the end of your tenancy, you should hire the professional vacate cleaning Perth. These professionals have the know-how and experience to get rid of dust and dirt from all corners of your home and make it shine and sparkle. However, for a more daily routine dusting of your home, there are ten areas you need to concentrate on, such: 

Countertops: Harbour Harmful Bacteria And Food Debris


The foremost areas you must clean in your home daily are your kitchen and bathroom countertops. These areas can harbour and collect dirt, food debris and grease stains that can attract harmful dust mites, allergens and bacteria and can even make you more prone to Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus.

Therefore, using a microfiber cloth and wiping these countertops daily to eliminate these germs is best. For stubborn stains and thick dirt, spray some distilled white vinegar on the cloth and clean these areas regularly to keep the bacteria and virus away. It will ensure that you are cooking in a clean and sanitized space that is free of germs.

Sink And Faucets: Can Cause Bacterial And Viral Infections


According to studies, your sinks contain over 17,000 bacteria per square inch and can lead to several bacterial and viral infections. Even the area around your faucets has over 13,000 bacteria per square inch and can cause many diseases. Since all the family members touch them regularly, they can spread infections quickly.

Therefore, bond cleaners in Perth recommend using a microfiber cloth to wipe your sinks and faucets to remove all these germs and pathogens. You can also unclog your sinks by pouring baking soda in it and leaving it overnight. In the morning, flush away the baking soda solution with warm water and rinse your sink. It minimises the risk of falling sick because of dirty bathrooms.

Floors: Soil And Dirt Gather Easily On These Surfaces


Everyone wants a neat and tidy home but it can be challenging to mop every day. However, it is important to at least sweep and vacuum your kitchen and bathroom floors daily as these are high foot-traffic areas that collect a lot of dust and debris. Besides vacuuming and sweeping these areas, you should instantly wipe up any spills and stains on your floors with a clean cloth.


Here are some other useful ways to minimise dust and dirt at home when you are busy and do not have the time to vacuum every day.

Bedding: Remove Dead Skin Cells And Dander


Another problematic area in your home is your bedding, as your sheets collect dead skin cells, oils, and matter that you breathe in daily. Thus, it is necessary to dust your sheets and mattresses at least daily and change them twice or thrice a week to prevent allergies.

You should also run them on the hot-water cycle in your laundry machine and use baking soda to make the detergent more effective. It is essential to maintain optimum hygiene and a healthy family.

Trash Bins: Empty And Replace Your Garbage Bags Daily


Your trash bins contain all your food scraps, dirt and dust that can rot over time and attract germs and emit a foul smell. Thus, it is essential that you clean and disinfect these trash bins daily by first emptying the trash bag in your waste disposal.

Next, sprinkle the bottom of the can with baking soda and leave it for an hour. The alkaline baking soda will neutralise and absorb any foul smells. After an hour, wipe your trash can to remove the baking soda solution and put in a new garbage bag.

Pet Areas: Kitty Litter Can Cause Debris Around Your Home


Bond cleaners in Canberra suggest emptying your kitty litter daily and cleaning and washing the litter bowl with unscented dish soap. This is important as kitty litter can emit foul smells and also cause debris around your home. You should also wash your pet’s bowls and toys daily with soap and water to keep them clean.


Here are other ways you can keep your carpets clean with a pet. These tips will ensure you home is clean and inviting at all times despite having your furry friend around.

Toilet Bowl: White Vinegar Can Keep Your Toilet Clean Daily


To keep your toilet bowl clean daily, flush the toilet to remove water and close the tap. Next, spray vinegar over your toilet bowl, including the seat and rim. You should leave this for at least two hours, then wipe your toilet with a scrubbing brush to remove any rings.

Lastly, switch on the water supply and flush your toilet to remove the solution. Your toilet bowl will be gleaming and sparkling and easier to maintain in no time. It will increase the appeal of your home and maintain a sanitised toilet.

High-Touch Areas: Disinfect Your Door Knobs And Switches Daily


Next, it is essential to wipe your high-touch points, like your door knobs and switches, daily to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses.

This prevents the common flu from spreading in your home and can even lower your chances of getting infected with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus. You can use an old rag to clean these high-touch points or a microfiber cloth for more effective cleaning.


Here are some high-touch areas you must disinfect in your home. These tips will help you keep your house clean even when you have guests or friends staying over.

Electronics: Use Natural Solutions To Keep Them Clean


Other areas in your home you need to wipe and clean daily are your electronics like your phones, smartwatches and laptops. These devices can get dirt and dusty over time, and since you touch these surfaces daily, you can fall ill easily.

Therefore, it is a good idea to dry dust these areas daily with a clean cloth and deep-clean them at least once a week to remove dirt and grime from the inner corners and in-built parts.

Entryways: Sweep And Remove Leaves And Debris


Lastly, one area you can easily clean daily is your entryway. It is the first thing that outsiders notice about your home. Thus it should be neat and clean to welcome guests. Use a broom and sweep the entryway at the end of the day to remove leaves and dirt. This will not only keep your home healthier but will also increase the curb appeal of your home and make it look neater. 



You must clean the above areas in your home daily, and you can use natural solutions for the same. However, you must also deep clean these zones and other parts of your home every week, either on your own or by hiring professionals. This will keep your home’s overall indoor air quality in good shape.